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September 1, 2010

Say What?!

I love Missy’s Say What Wednesday meme. It’s so much fun to read excerpts of her girls’ conversations. Kids truly do say the darndest things!

Our girls’ conversations are considerably more limited right now, but I still find them so entertaining. Here are a few snippets from our house…

Mess!” is one of the girls’ favorite words. They have no shame at exclaiming it, even when they’re the ones who smeared avocado all over their highchairs and themselves! And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when they (seriously!) say it while petting my hair some mornings!

I make French toast sometimes on the weekends. Almost every time I remind the girls to “eat your French toast”, they grab their toes, and exclaim, "Toes!" And then I have to remember to wipe their feet after breakfast!

One of the girls’ favorite books is a Noah’s Ark book. They call Noah “No-no!

The girls know the words “sit” and “shirt”. However, their enunciation is not always very clear. I’m constantly “confirming” what they say, lest the neighbors think we are raising a couple of potty mouths!

We went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant over the weekend. We worked with the girls the afternoon prior on saying, “Gracias!” It was so cute to hear their little baby voices thanking our waiter.

The girls are both saying, “Bess!” (as in “Bless you!”) after someone sneezes, and even after themselves. New this week is a well wish after coughs, and even yawns.

I’ve taken to wearing plain t-shirts whenever possible. The girls otherwise get really distracted at any design. One t-shirt I wear often has a sun on it…”Sun!” One has line art of a person reading a book…”Book!” One just has circular swirls on it…”Ball!

The girls are all about hairstyles…mine, anyway. I taught them “ponytail”, which B shortens to “pony” (even though she can point out the “tail” on an animal), and A calls “bone”. I have been wearing my hair down a lot lately to keep from having to affirm, “Yes, Mommy has a ponytail,” approximately 1,112 times a day.

And is it bad that Baby B knows to say, “Coffee!” when she sees me rinsing the coffee pot?

Amazing, I tell you!


Andrea said...

What a fun way to document their speech development. Isn't it amazing how fast they pick up words! Their minds are like little sponges. They are at a really fun age developmentally. Enjoy every minute of it. Not that I need to tell you that.

Chelle said...

How funny! I'm excited for the day the girls start talking!!

reanbean said...

It's always exciting whey they pick up new words and phrases. :o)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh my gosh, they are CUTE as anything.

Love the ponytail story. And how cute that they know what a mess is - that means they can clean it up.

We're teaching ours to pick up their own toys - of course it takes 5 times as long but I'm looking at it as an investment that will pay off big rewards in future :)

I need to write about this on the blog but Connor doesn't say anything much (that is understandable) while his sister talks a lot. Hmmm

MultipleMum said...

They are doing really well with their talking. Great to see words from lots of different categories and different sound groups (can't help myself).

Funnily they have a very similar vocab to my two. Even from different sides of the world, the 'words' of Mummyhood are the same :)

The Bormann Family said...

Saw your blog on twice. I have 22 month twin boys!

Megan said...

Oh, that is so cute about the "Toes!" You have to get that on video.