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August 15, 2010

Two is Not a Lonely Number

I am an only child. Growing up, I didn’t think much about it; I didn’t exactly relish the position, but I never remember asking Santa to bring me a little brother or sister for Christmas.

As an adult, though, what I wouldn’t give to have a sibling…to share stories from childhood…to carry on family traditions…to be there to support each other in good times and have someone who has known you your entire life. I look around at my friends who steal away for weekends with their sisters, and have their brothers over for cook-outs, and I have to admit I’m a little envious.

And so as an adult, I always hoped I would be able to have at least two children. I never dreamed that I would win the lottery and have not just two children, but TWINS!

I sometimes joke that I feel woefully unqualified to raise twins. I don’t have any experience with sibling rivalry, and I never really had to share anything! I had my parents, and my room, and my birthday all to myself.

But when I see my girls together, I am filled with so much joy. Whether you call it God’s plan, or fate, or just dumb luck, I’m so thankful that they have the gift of each other.


Helene said...

Love that last pic!! You know, I have a sister and 2 brothers and our family is so dysfunctional that sometimes I honestly wish I was an only child. Isn't that horrible?

I recently got into an argument with my sister and I told Tim that I hope our kids will never fight like this when they're adults. I hope they enjoy a close bond well into adulthoo!

The Mommy Mambo said...

Sweet post! Though I have a brother, I know how you feel about wanting a sibling as an adult. My brother is estranged to put it mildly and I feel like an only child.
I'm happy to see my twins in a relationship like a private club no one can spoil!

(Thx for visiting me, too!)
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Liz said...

What a sweet picture Mandy!
Isn't it awesome seeing your little ones playing together and just being together. I so look forward to seeing my little guys grow into the best of buds.

MultipleMum said...

I love the photo! My twins hold hands all the time too and it really does melt my heart. Such a bond. I am one of four and am really close to all of my siblings. I think I are so lucky because it doesn't always work out that way. Mum and Dad did something right! I hope I have some success with my four kids.

Rebecca said...

Ha...sibling rivalry only gets more interesting (by "interesting" I mean crazy and ridiculous). Mine have just hit it full force and it's nutso!!! Love the picture...thanks for all of your supportive comments on the blog...I need it right now!!!!

cat said...

Amazing Mandy to find out that you are an only child too! I am too and I always insisted that my child would not be. I swear the older I get the more I miss siblings.

Deanna said...

Love this! It's exactly how I feel about my girls too. I pray that they are always close, wherever life takes them.

My sister and I are six years apart, so it took us until she was in high school to really become close friends. Now, I wouldn't trade her for the world...even when I want to strangle her!

Christina said...

You know the relationship me and Josh have, so yea, its pretty awesome that my girls have each other. We never really argued either, and I hope my girls are the same. :)

Andrea said...

Super sweet post! It made my eyes water.

Whenever I found out I was having first wish was to have one of each. Reason being I wanted to experience both. I pretty well knew that it was going to be my only pregnancy. As you know my wish was answered and I have my son and daughter. After I had them I was worried about them not having the twin bond that I have seen in same sex twins. I can tell that they love and are attached to each other strongly. So that makes me feel better. Now I worry about when they get older they may lose that closeness due to being different sexes. I hope I am wrong and the bondness will grow. I have only been around same sex twins, so time will tell. Nobody ever warned me of all fears you have once you become a parent... or maybe I didn't listen!

M and M Mommy said...

What a cute picture!

I love catching a glimpse into those moments that are shared by the girls.

I am not-so-close with my sister, but I really hope that my girls will be close and continue to share a special bond.

reanbean said...

I've already shared that I also, at times, feel very unqualified to be a parent of twins, having been raised an only child. I wanted a sibling so bad, but it just wasn't in the cards. I got a Cabbage Patch Kid instead. (hee hee) But when my father remarried, I got three step-siblings (two sisters and a brother). However, they are 12, 11, and 10 years older than I am, and lived half a country away while I was growing up. But Somehow, my brother and I ended up developing a very close relationship. It's not at all like the ones you described above (no getaways or bbqs) but it's something I cherish. Still, I'm so very, very glad that Tiny and Buba have each other. I only hope that they'll remain close as they grow older.