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August 28, 2010


Saturday morning, we went to a local park with the intent of feeding the ducks in the small lake there.

This is one of those "iconic" family outings I've been looking forward to since the girls were born.

By the time we got up and at 'em, it was shortly after 10:00 when we got to the park. We finally spotted the ducks, but they weren't the least bit interested in our Cheerios, or in the bread that another family had for them. My guess is that other families had already had "iconic" experiences for the day, and the ducks were just full!

Fortunately, the girls didn't know what they were missing...they were excited just to be near the water and to see and hear the ducks.

We enjoyed the scenery for a little while, and then decided to head to the playground for a few minutes before lunch. The girls had a great time on the swings, and enjoyed watching the other children running around the play area.

Even without any up-close-and-personal duck encounters, this family foursome had an awesome Saturday morning.


Andrea said...

How fun! I need to take Molly and Luke. I have to admit just seeing you hold the girls by the water gave me chills. I totally imagined Luke running right into the water without stopping! So glad to hear your family had a great Saturday outing.

Rebecca said...

What a fun day! Matt would probably push Hailey in the water and then she'd try to play dress-up with the ducks! Love the pictures!!!

reanbean said...

I remember feeding the ducks as a little kid and loving it. I'll have to look into where there is a duck pond in our area. I'm sure my two would love it as well.

Helene said...

How fun!!!!!! I'm sure you'll have lots more happy memories of feeding the ducks!