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August 27, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Another fabulous week, thank-you-very-much!

1) The girls are beginning to play hide-and-go-seek with each other. They get on opposite ends of the couch and peer behind it at one another. Loud squeals and lots of laughter always ensue.

2) I’ve turned around several times to find the girls having pulled their Bumbo seats facing each other, sitting there, apparently “talking”. I’ve seen them stay like that for several minutes, before they noticed me watching and started picking at each other, just so I wouldn’t think something was amiss. :)

3) We’ve been listening to the soundtrack to “Cars” this week. Every.single.time it comes up in the CD changer, Baby A drops what she’s doing to do some serious getting down to the opening song by Sheryl Crow. She picks it up again when “Life is a Highway” comes on. It is absolutely hilarious to see her dance so hard that she often falls down.

4) It could just be a coincidence, but Baby B might just have put together a couple of short phrases this week. Thursday night, Daddy came home while I was having supper. The girls greeted him, and B said, “Mommy…eat…supper…” I’ve definitely gotta keep an eye on this one!

5) The girls like to watch Daddy cut the grass in the backyard, through the windows in the den. Over the past few days, every time they see grass in a book, they say, “Grass!” and then, “Daddy!” One day I’ll have to break it to them that he doesn’t cut all the grass in the world, just ours. I fear they’ll be disappointed.

Living it, and loving it!


MultipleMum said...

So much in common with our household again!

We have the whole peek-a-boo going on. They crack each other up and have the full belly laugh. It always makes me laugh too :)

The Minx has a few little phrases too - I want ____ and Where's _______? Drives me a bit mad 'cause she is totally excited with herself about it and says them allllll the time. Dew Drop is still at the the single word level but his vocab has expanded A LOT this week. Bless their cotton socks :)

Dew Drop is our mover and shaker. He will dance to anything (even my mobile phone ringing!). He seems to have awesome rhythm for a little guy. The love affair has begun...

PS Can I borrow the girls daddy to mow my lawn? My husband has worked the last 16 days straight (with another week or so to go - do not ask!) and the grass is looking like no-one lives here!

Dolli-Mama said...

I love it! I am glad you had such a fabulous week!

Deanna said...

We had a little hide-and-seek session on Thursday morning...only my mom wasn't in on the game! Addison hid from her while she was getting them ready for MDO. Mom looked and called for her everywhere, even waking my husband up to help search. Eventually, they found her sitting behind the recliner in the corner of the living room, playing with the baby monitor. : )

Anonymous said...

:) sounds like another great week.

they can still fit in the bumbos???

reanbean said...

Sounds like another great one! Enjoy your weekend!