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August 7, 2010


"It's only going to be 90 degrees today," I told my hubby this morning. "We'd better get out and enjoy the cooler weather!"

It's sad, but true...the past few weeks, the heat has been nothing shy of oppressive, and we haven't spent much time outside all summer. This weekend the highs are "only" around 90, but highs in the upper 90's - with heat indexes well above 100 degrees - are supposed to return on Monday.

We decided to take a short drive to a local orchard. We carried the girls' morning snack and a picnic blanket. They enjoyed some blueberries and graham crackers with the beautiful orchard as a backdrop...

...and then we did a little clowning around.

We looked at lots of pretty flowers and made friends with a couple of seemingly-tame butterflies.

And then we grabbed a wagon and took the girls on a little tour. They had a blast as long as Daddy kept moving...I think they enjoyed the bumpity-bump-bump of the ride as much as the scenery.

We concluded our outing with some peach ice cream, and we bought a basket of gorgeous peaches to bring home. The girls enjoyed fresh peaches with their lunch, and Mommy has grand plans for peach cobbler on Sunday.

Yoga in the park last Saturday...a trip to the orchard this week...we may just have to make a habit of these Family Adventure Weekends!


Christina said...

Looks like a great Saturday. :) The heat is going to get us again next week too. Well over 100...and stuck inside. Come on fall!!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

What a wonderful day. LOVE these kind of days and wish we had more of them. :-)

Beth said...

What a lovely day! You're right, with the summer we've been having, we have to take advantage of the days that are only really hot instead of really, really hot!!:o)

reanbean said...

We've had very warm temperatures here this summer too, but still not quite as bad as what you've been experiencing. I'm glad you got to enjoy a "cooler" day out with the fam.

(I love the old school Radio Flyer. Was it from your childhood?)

Mohini said...

What a wonderful day you guys had! Reminded me of when we went blueberry picking. Each time before my daughter picked one off the bush and popped it in her mouth she would get all excited and scream 'boobies' and other pickers all around would crack up.