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August 13, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

I honestly can’t believe that it’s Friday already…this fabulous week went by so quickly! I guess time flies when you’re having fun (and running at breakneck speed after a couple of silly girlies!)!

1) After months of saying “Bye-bye!” at bedtime, the girls are finally [sorta-kinda] saying “Night-night!” To hear their sleepy little voices say “Nigh-nigh!” as they’re all cuddly and clean in their sleeper blankets…it seriously melts my heart.

2) I imagine that requests (demands?) for specific attire won’t always be so cute, but a couple of days this week, Baby B has just had to wear a “dess” (dress). She’s really had it set in her mind, and who am I to deny dressing my girlies up in some frills???

3) Baby A cut her fourth and final canine tooth this week. I hope this brings my poor baby girl some relief from her incessant drooling – and resultant rash-y face – soon!

4) Throughout the day on Thursday, Baby A kept inviting me to sit in a particular spot, even if I was only a foot away from her. She would pat the floor, or the couch, and say, “Mommy?” She was so pleased when I would scoot over to her. And several times, as she was sitting in my lap, she patted my leg and said, “Sssss!” (Sissy), asking Baby B to join us for a story. Baby B would come toddling over, and everybody was quite happy.

5) The girls have been into squealing this week. Although it can be a little on the ear-piercing side, we’ve had some fun with it. Baby A might start, and Baby B will laugh…then B will squeal, and A will laugh…back and forth…again and again…until we’re all laughing at each other. And there’s nothing like a good tickle-party to punctuate a squeal-fest.

To borrow a line from the Golden Arches…I’m lovin’ it.


Barbara Manatee said...

My daughter chooses a dress most days. I think its more of an issue of comfort (loose, knit dress) over frill but I can't deny that she's cute! I don't think she'll be happy come winter when pants will be more in order.

Thanks for your kind comment today on my blog, too.

M and M Mommy said...

I just joined multiples and more and read your post on baby sign language. My girls are 10 months old and know a couple of signs already. I am very encouraged (even more so after reading your post) to continue to teach them!

Thanks for your post!