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April 26, 2010

The Kentucky Hat Dance

I am laughing at myself because I was just itching from not having updated my blog in a couple of days. I decided to grab a quick picture from the month of April so I could at least have a little eye candy. (This was a picture I took of the girls playing with their new hats...they were having quite a romp around the den.)
Actually, I was without internet service for most of the last 48 hours, following the storms on Saturday. It was a nice break in a way...but I also realized how much I have come to rely on the World Wide Web.
Yes, it serves as my daytime connection to the outside world a lot of days (save for looking out the window into the backyard with the girlies). Fortunately half of the "break" was over the weekend, so Hubby was here to help keep me from exclusively talking in exaggerated sentences.
But I felt paralyzed in a few other ways...I needed to go grocery shopping, but I was unable to check the weather to see if the radar would be clear for the next hour or so.
I needed to pay some bills, but I'm all set up for online banking, and I wasn't about to hunt for a book of stamps.
Finally I decided I would go ahead and make some meatballs, but my recipe was in my recipe
At the end of my 48-hour hiatus, I had gotten a lot of filing done, which at least makes my computer desk cleaner. :)


reanbean said...

I can definitely relate to having Internet withdrawal. When we lived with my in-laws for two weeks back in March, I had very limited access to the Internet. And I too found it a bit shocking to realize just how much I am dependent on the web for so many things- recipes, directions, shopping, keeping in touch with friends. Makes me wonder how my mom did it all those years without the Internet. :o)

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