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April 30, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Even when it's raining and unseasonably cold for half of the week...even when things sometimes don't go as planned...even when I have a really bad's still always a fabulous week with my baby girls...

1) The girls and I met Aunt Karen for lunch last Friday at a sushi restaurant. We sat at the Japanese table (I’m not sure what it’s actually called…you sit on pillows on a platform about 18” off the ground). I parked the girls’ stroller next to us, and, between the novelty of the table and the funky music over the sound system, they were so entertained. How much fun will it be when they can join us at the table?! I can hardly wait to share in a sushi lunch with my girlies.

2) After supper, Daddy has been clearing the floor of the den and “playing soccer” with the girls. They run around like crazies, chasing their big play ball. Sometimes they kick it, other times they swat it with their hands. I was just listening to the mania on Thursday night, and it sounded like a couple of cackling hyenas…they were having such a blast (as was Daddy, of course!)!

3) I’m officially counting Baby B as having said her first sentence: “Bye-bye, Dada!” WOW!

4) On a note unrelated to #3, Baby B was sitting in my lap looking at a picture book. She was signing the words that she knew as we went along. We turned the page to a close-up picture of a chimp. She didn’t sign “monkey”, but rather she exclaimed declaratively, “Dada!” I know this was just a coincidence, but I literally rolled on the floor laughing.

5) On Wednesday afternoon, Baby B got upset over something as we were playing (I have no idea what…). I pulled her into my lap and said, “Let Mommy give you hugs.” Baby A came over as I was snuggling Baby B, grabbed her outstretched hand, and hugged it. It was one of the sweetest little things I’ve ever seen.


Rebecca said...

It's so awesome to have moments like #5...mine just started holding hands (they're typically repulsed by the thought of touching each other) and I love it!

You also made me crave sushi at 6:58 AM too...way to go!

Mohini said...

oh 5) is so sweet. The other day my son pulled his sisters toys away from her way too many times (making her cry) and so I gave him a time out. Guess what? my daughter got so upset and came crying to me to let him out. It took all my effort not to smile, say, 'awwww' and give in. Of course all my effort was not enough…..I did give in and we had a group huggie. 2 minutes later he was pulling her hair. Sigh!

reanbean said...

I can just picture that cute little hug. It's such an amazing thing to watch our twins share tender moments like that. Last week at storytime, a little boy accidently hit Tiny while pulling a book out of the crate. Tiny started to cry, and Buba ran over to her from across the room to give her a hug and a kiss. It doesn't get any better than than.