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April 30, 2010

Communication Breakthroughs and Crossed Wires

In communication breakthroughs, Baby B said her first sentence!

For the several months, the girls have been waving goodbye to Daddy as he leaves for work every morning. (They also wave goodbye to books as we finish reading them, to birds as they fly away, to people passing by in restaurants…they’ve gotten pretty good at it.)

They added “Bye-bye” to their farewell a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, Baby B put the two together and declared, with a wave, “Bye-bye, Dada!” I was so proud!

Baby A also got a mention in the baby book this week, but for a different milestone.

The girls have recently learned the sign for “pig” (one finger to the tip of the nose). In mastering this skill, however, Baby A discovered she has nostrils.

At one point I found myself telling her, “’Pig’, not ‘pick’!” And yet, I was still so proud. That's my girl!

1 comment:

The Mommy said...

So cute, my twins are doing a lot of actions, gestures and say a lot of words but “Bye-bye, Dada!” is impressive at that age!
I like your work on this blog! I'm following you now:)