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April 27, 2010

Mothers of Multiples

When I started blogging a few months ago, I joined the Multiples and More blog network. It’s an amazing group of blogger mommies (and even some daddies!) who have twins, triplets, and more. Multiples and More posts a Question of the Week, and I’m taking part in it for the first time.

Are you in a MoMs group?

When the girls were born, I really didn’t know anyone with twins. I had briefly met a few families in the prenatal classes at the hospital who were expecting twins, and I knew of a couple of people who already had twins, but I didn’t really have anyone I could call with questions.

I scouted around and made contact with the daughter of a former colleague whose twin boys were born about three months before A and B. Unfortunately Joline lives a couple of hours away, but she was wonderful to talk with over the phone…she answered some housekeeping questions for me (like how in the heck do you feed two babies at once?), and she reassured me that raising twins has been done before, and I can do it, too. :) (Joline has since become a great friend via Facebook and email…she’s still imparting wonderful wisdom, and I love seeing pictures of her kiddos doing things my girls will be able to do in a few months.)

I eventually scouted around some more and made contact with a couple of moms from our prenatal classes through friends of friends. (Call it the Seven Degrees of Twinhood, if you will.) It was super-great to talk to Jenny, whose twins were born one week before A and B, and Danielle, whose twins were born four weeks after A and B. We were able to share in so many “real time” experiences with each other.

A week or so into reconnecting with Jenny and Danielle, I mentioned I had been thinking about starting a local Mothers of Multiples group. Jenny said she had, too, and asked if I wanted to work together on it. And thus, Bowling Green Mothers of MultiplesBGMoMs – was born!

Jenny and I had several planning meetings over coffee at Barnes & Noble, after we got our kiddos in bed. (We did a lot of club planning, but those meetings inevitably turn into “mommy therapy sessions”, too.) We worked with pediatrician and OB offices in the area to get the word out about the group. We had our first meeting in February, an organizational, get-to-know-you meeting, and we were thrilled to have 14 MoMs in attendance!

We’ve had two more meetings since then, and we have over 20 MoMs on our roster to date. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been so much fun to meet other MoMs. Following our May meeting, we have our first social event planned in June. I can’t wait to see 20+ sets of multiples together!

Having twins is such an amazing blessing, but it also presents some pretty unique challenges. It’s awesome to be able to share in this experience with other MoMs.


Apok said...

That's awesome you've been able to connect with other twin moms. i have yet to. although whenever we're out shopping, moms of twins come out of the woodwork like flies to honey. like they can smell our twins from a mile away. can you smell twins?

Tracy said...

Thanks for the comments!! Your girls are adorable and I know you have your hands full. I think one to two is the hardest year. Our youngest will be 2 in July and I'm counting down the days. The communication gets better and it just gets easier. I remember I blogged "The terrible two's are not so terrible" when the triplets were two. It's a fun adventure though. Love your blog!!

Dolli-Mama said...

Great post! I am expecting twins in June and am new to my city. I looked for a multiples group and found one that is no longer meeting, and there aren't any regulare mom's clubs here either. I have been thinking about starting a group myself (with help from two other moms of course). Your post was very helpful, thanks!

reanbean said...

That's awesome that you actually started a MoMs group in your area. I find belonging to a MoMs group so valuable and have no doubt that that entire first year would have been so much tougher without the support of so many women who had been in my shoes to help support me. Kudos to you and Jenny!

Joyeful said...

Wow! That is seriously awesome! I'm in a MOPS group, but not a multiples group and it would be fun to meet other mom's that are going through the same thing-- it really is a whole different ball game!! I wish I was your neighbor : )