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April 11, 2010

Almost Too Much to Handle...

…too much “big kid stuff” for one week, that is!

On Tuesday, we took the girlies shopping for their first pair of shoes! Baby A took off in her new kicks right away, but Baby B planted her little feet and refused to move, cackling the whole time. After a couple of days of practice, though, both girls are once again making tracks.

On Friday, we (reluctantly) used the infant carriers for the last time, as Daddy installed the girls' convertible car seats. They're riding in style now (still facing backwards),but Mommy will miss the convenience of loading and unloading them in the comfort of the kitchen.

On Saturday, we took the girls for their first ice cream cones! They were at once in love with the sweetness and shocked by the cold. They both cried for more, and then winced when we gave it to them. :) The problem was solved when I gave them some of my chocolate-brownie chunk ice cream. A strategically spooned tiny bite of brownie with an even tinier bit of chocolate ice that was right up their alleys.

And on Saturday night, we laced up the girls’ shoes and took them outside. We walked, hand in hand, around our circle. The girls had a blast, giggling at the newness; and Mommy and Daddy were in awe, looking at our precious little big girls.

We had a lot of fun with the girlies this week, but there were just so many “big kid things” to take in. I think I might need to plan a little better in the future and space out some of these big steps in the interest of maintaining Mommy’s sanity.


SouthernDogwoods said...

Yay to your big girls! Reaching new milestones are so much fun but a little sad as you know they are getting old. Love their new big girl shoes!

reanbean said...

Oh, what cute little shoes you found!

I also kept my twins in the infant seats beyond the first year (and at two years old, they are still rear facing). It was just so easing using the infant seats and then popping them into the double snap n go stroller. But once I got a new routine down with the convertible car seats and the tandem stroller, it wasn't so bad.