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April 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

What made my week so fabulous? Why, I’m so glad you asked…

1) Baby B got her first haircut on Friday, and Baby A, her third. The girls did relatively well, and Mommy didn’t even cry…although I easily could now, realizing my “babies” look like little girls with their pageboy cuts.

2) We usually go out for a family lunch on Saturdays, but we had a busy weekend planned, and I didn’t think we’d be able to fit it in this week. I somewhat reluctantly suggested we go to dinner on Friday night instead. We hadn’t been to dinner in a long time, as the time between the girls’ dinner (around 4:30) and bedtime (at 7:30) can be a little precarious.

The girls surprised us in a good way this week, though…we had such a wonderful time at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The girls were very entertained by all the commotion, and they behaved as good as gold. Baby A sat facing the door, and she waved at everyone coming in, and told everyone “bye-bye” as they left. We joked that she could be their official Friday-night greeter. If she could have, I feel pretty sure she would have said, “Will work for salsa!

3) The girls attended their first birthday party on Saturday. They had a great time on the swing set, giggling like mad, and had a blast watching all the older kids play.

4) We had quite the social calendar this week…three days we met a fellow twin mom in the neighborhood for a walk, which actually creates quite the traffic jam in small-town Kentucky. And we met Auntie Shanda for an impromptu lunch on Tuesday. That hit the spot in so many ways.

5) And finally…drum roll please…I’m insanely proud that Baby A has finally decided to use a sippy cup!!! Baby B has yet to follow suit, but I have seen a glimpse of the future, and it’s enough to whet my palate for now.


reanbean said...

Sounds like a very busy, but fun week. Glad you got to enjoy a nice family dinner out. I'm always impress that my kids are so well behaved in restaurants (even better than when they dine at home). But as you mentioned, I think it's all the commotion that helps keep them entertained. Have a nice weekend!

Christina said...

That restaurant business is scary isn't it? ;)
I didn't take mine out until I was for sure I could handle it! Glad it went well, have a great weekend!