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April 14, 2010

Through the Eyes of My Laundry Basket

I once read that you can tell a lot about a person from their laundry room. (Well, I didn’t actually read that, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.) The girls are only 15 months old, and I realize that my laundry basket has already experienced quite the ride.

Before the girls were born, I meticulously washed each sweet little gown, every precious dress, and all the tiny pairs of socks, separated into many, many loads, by color. I remember thinking those newborn onesies were so tiny, and then I washed them, and they looked even tinier! Doing the babies’ laundry then was so novel and so much fun…and I felt so organized, folding everything just so.

For the first few weeks after the girls came home from the hospital, even amid the sleepless days and nights, my vigilance remained. I treated the smallest stain, even on burp cloths and wash cloths.

Eventually, as my hands began to dry from the OxiClean, I abandoned the need to treat stains on burp cloths and wash clothes, but my focus remained keen on any and all outfits and bibs.

When the girls were four months old, we began feeding them solids. The laundry evolved from having spit-up stains to giant globs of sweet potatoes and green beans. For the sake of my dry hands, it was at this point that I “invested” in some cheap-o onesies and bibs that I wouldn’t mind getting stained, although I continued to relentlessly pursue stain removal on all outfits. I also discovered that, by washing out the bibs immediately after the food fight (or, uh, meal), they required less treatment.

It was in the baby food phase that my wardrobe had to change, too. After having amassed an impressive collection of yoga pants and tops, I took to wearing the grungiest t-shirts and sweats I could find. The girls’ ability to blow sweet potatoes and green beans could leave quite the “impression”.

Eventually, the girls became pretty proficient with the baby food, and – while I wish I could say I broke them of the habit – at least I learned to somewhat anticipate their food blowing and seek cover accordingly. I began to dress them in outfits again, and I dusted off my yoga pants from the bottom drawer.

As with so many things, when I begin to feel a rhythm in one area, something else changes, upsetting the apple cart, which of course results in saucy apple stains…

Over the past couple of months, the girls have graduated to “big people food”, and a little more recently, to feeding said “big people food” to themselves. And so they’re back to wearing the cheap-o onesies. I’m still in yoga pants, as meatballs don’t lend themselves to “blowing” in the same way that pureed sweet potatoes do.

But I fear that the next chapter in the Tales from the Laundry Room may involve me mending some holes in the knees of my yoga pants. I seem to spend a lot of time these days crawling around on the floor cleaning up thrown (or, uh, inadvertently dropped) spaghetti.

So what’s next? I guess only time – and my washing machine – will tell.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Perfect post. I know have to scrub dirt stains & grass stains out of pants. Knock the sand out of shoes. Get red juice spills out of white lace tops (that were brand new - why did they have to grab that juice?) But doing laundry keeps us young right - well that is what I tell myself!

And I got your questions and I was going to do a post on them and then forgot - sorry! My girls were fingerpainting, watercolor painting and coloring as early as two. Playdoh, real paint, markers, glue, glitter & scissors came later. I try to always put down trashbags or canvas to contain the mess. And I have a large tupperware box for each of my girls where I store their old art masterpieces. But for a week or so - their projects hang on the fridge or their playroom door. Hope this helps.
We are heading down to Tuscaloosa Sat for A-day! I will say a Roll Tide for you!

reanbean said...

I am (and have been since day one) very meticulous about pretreating stains before throwing the kids' clothes into the wash. Like you, I gave up on burp cloths and wash cloths a long time ago, but I still pretreat all food stains and grass stains. I use a combination of OxiClean, Lestoil, and Resolve Max Stain Stick (depending on the stain) and wear yellow, latex gloves (Tiny calls them Ma's cleaning gloves) to keep from destroying my hands. It takes a bit of time, but 9 times out of ten I can get the stains out.

As for preserving your yoga pants, I was told that the first thing a twin mom should get before starting her kids on "big people food" is a dog! Which sounds good in theory, but T and I just aren't dog people. :o)

Krajcimama said...

I hate laundry. Laundry has been on my mind, in every room of my house and overflowing from every corner.

Today was the day I decided to bite the bullet and really dive into the laundry I have let take over my house - of course, the kids don't feel like me doing laundry today. I got about 1/2 way done and the boys were up from their naps and NOT having anything to do with me being out of the NOW my laundry is in that "not done but started and looks worse than before I started" stage...I've really got to get some kind of system going.

Sorry - that was a bit of a ramble...I'm just laundry obsessed this week.

I LOVE the idea of getting a dog before the twins start "big people food", but our house is just too small for one more living creature! :)