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April 13, 2013

Photo Challenge Saturday: BROWN

I'm linking up with Marcia at The 123 Blog for her monthly photo challenge.  This month's theme is BROWN.  Admittedly, when I saw her post that theme last week, I was a little's fall in South Africa, so I'm sure Marcia has lots of beautiful browns to choose from.  What kind of brown could I find here in spring???

It didn't take me long to get out of the idea of brown leaves to find plenty of brown, just in the pictures I've taken this week.


I was going to meet a friend for coffee on Sunday afternoon, and I happened to pull into a parking spot in front of our downtown fountain...only to find a couple getting engaged, right in front of me!  I snapped a couple of pictures through my dash (this being one of them).  Then I waited a few minutes and approached them, to ask if they'd like me to take a few more pictures.  I've since emailed the pictures to the lady, and she was so very sweet.  :)  It definitely made my afternoon, too!

BROWN shirt and BROWN hair.  I love the way their feet are touching...I can just feel the emotion! 

My friend Karen met me at the park on Monday to play around with some pictures.  I shot into the late-day sun, and this yoga pose is one of my absolute favorites!

BROWN sepia tone.
The sun was shining so brightly on Friday morning.  I asked the girls to pause on the steps so I could play with the sun and shadows, first thing in the morning.  Baby A wasn't quite awake yet, I see now.  :)

Sleepy BROWN eyes.
On Friday morning, we had several errands to run.  The girls and I took a mid-morning break at the downtown coffee shop, where they ordered their first-ever hot beverage, a yummy hot chocolate.  They felt like such big girls when the barista poured heart shapes into their cups...just like the lotus flower Mommy gets in her latte!

BROWN hot chocolate.

Those BROWN eyes again, concentrating on her chocolate smeared on her face...and a "Priority Mail" sticker from the post office across her shirt.  The epitome of a four-year old!
BROWN hair, glistening in the sun...sitting at the bar after our snack, looking out on our downtown square.

And when we got home, Daddy called on his lunch break to check in with his girls.

BROWN eyes sparkling as she tells Daddy of our morning adventures.
 Thank you, Marcia, for the continued photo inspiration and encouragement!  I'm having such fun!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'll forgive you for posting 7 because of those BEAUTIFUL brown eyes :)

Sweet A - she is so, so precious - you captured so many tender emotions right there.

Love her morning face, talking to daddy and her thoughtful face too.

But my favourite is the yoga pose!!! AWESOME :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

pS is that the panda jersey from a few posts ago?

cat said...

Oh that yoga pose is awesome. But love the couple getting engaged!