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April 11, 2013

Super Stuff - FINALLY!

(I've been working on this SUPER post since Monday...but I just haven't managed to finalize it to post.  Today is the day!  Better late than never, I guess, to jot down a few favorite memories from the week.)

Last week Daddy and the girls were on Spring Break.  We enjoyed Easter weekend.  AND the weather has finally started to warm!  Super was not hard to come by.

1)      The first part of the week was still pretty cool, and the girls asked to go for a ride in our jogging stroller.  We hadn’t been out with it in probably six months, and it was such a fun experience to travel our same “stroller route” that I did hundreds of times when they were younger.  My babies are much older now, but their delight at some of the same things – like the fountain in one garden, and the puppy dog statue at another house – has remained blissfully the same.

2)      One day Daddy had some errands to run, and he ate lunch while he was out.  He came home and the girls asked where he ate.  When he told them (a fast food restaurant), they were horrified.  Daddy, that has chemicals! Why did you eat chemicals? YUCK!!!"  And I loved it.

3)      On Friday we toured the local fire station with our MoMs group.  The girls were beyond excited when I told them we were going, and they had an absolute blast seeing the fire trucks.  It was so much fun for me to watch them in a group setting, too.  Baby B was rather outspoken.  ;)

4)      After we toured the fire station, we walked around downtown for a little bit, and then we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants – the girls’ choice.  It gives me so much pleasure to share a nice meal with the girls…especially when they act like such little ladies in a grown-up setting.

5)      Ahead of our tour on Friday, the girls helped me make some goodies to take to the fire station.  We made cinnamon-sugar pretzels, and I let them mix the butter-sugar-cinnamon mixture with the pretzels, using their hands.  I told them afterwards that that mixture was actually a nice exfoliant.  A day or so later, Baby A had some dry skin on her finger.  Mommy, I need some……….” she started, struggling to find the next word.  Cream?” I asked.  No, that cinnamon-sugar mixture to get the dry skin off my finger!

6)      For the first time since last fall, we’ve really PLAYED outside.  It’s been so much fun to dig out the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and pinwheels.  It truly does the soul good to get some sunshine and warm air!

7)      On Saturday we took the girls for ice cream…the perfect way to celebrate a nice nap on a warm spring day.  I forgot to ask for their kiddie ‘cream in a cup, and I was quite surprised to see Hubby bringing two CONES to the girls.  I was so impressed with how they handled it, though!  Those were their first real cones (not soft-serve), and they managed with only a couple of drips.  It definitely felt like a big milestone!

8)      I got to enjoy my girls in short-sleeve shirts for the first time this season.  It always stops me in my tracks…to see those silky soft baby arms in action.

9)      One day, the unofficial “word of the day” – as apparently determined by the girls – seemed to be “enormous”.  They used it every chance they got. 

10)   The girls have helped fold laundry a couple of times this week.  They aren’t always so eager, but it’s so nice when they are…and even when they “compete” to see who can fold the most “enormous” pile.  I’ll take it!

11)   One night, shortly after I put the girls to bed, I got called upstairs, "Fix my blanket, Mommy!" I was rewarded for my response time with the tiniest, most precious, sleepy little voice..."Thank you, Mommy.”

12)   I was doing some cleaning this week and came across a handful of Beanie Babies from 15 or so years ago.  I sorted through and found two kittens, and I had them waiting on the girls one day after nap.  They were ELATED!  Baby A ran downstairs with hers and grabbed a Beanie Baby puppy their granddaddy gave them their first Christmas.  She put it facing the dog, and said, “She’s a tiny baby and she’s drinking from Smarty’s teats.”  Um...I think they generally consider Smarty a boy…and he’s a dog…but she was so concerned about taking care of her new baby was really very sweet.  The girls have played with Kitten and Callie (the names they chose) every single day since.

13)   I bought the girls some very basic kites (meaning, they each cost $1!) a few months ago.  We hadn’t gotten them out until this past weekend.  Of course as soon as I got one assembled, the wind died down…but it was still so much fun to fly it a little bit.  The girls were in awe, too…even at it flying a whopping 15’ in the air.  It’s soaring, Mommy!!!”  It's all relative to a four-year old...and that's a really sweet reminder, no matter your age.

I normally wouldn't finish on such a random number, but I'm ready to finally hit the "publish" button!  More next week, for sure!  :)


Barbara Manatee said...

Always love hearing the joys in the little things :-)

cat said...

Please can you mail me your cinnamon sugar pretzels recipe?

Oh and we have no wind in our city - kite flying is always a disappointment