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April 25, 2013

Super Stuff!!!

So thankful for another fab-filled week (even if I am by now running waaaay behind!)!

1)      The girls and I were grocery shopping, and I banged my elbow on a shelf.  D’oh!!!  Mommy hurt her elbow!  My sweet Baby A made a beeline around the cart to come kiss my boo-boo.

2)      I have a terrible habit of not fully shutting the pantry door.  My Baby B – multiple times a day – comes by and, without fail, asks, Mommy, may I close your pantry, please?  Why yes, you may!

3)      The girls found an acorn cap and asked me what it was.  It’s the top to an acorn,” I explained.  They immediately decided they must find the bottom to the acorns.  HA!  Thank goodness they weren’t too disappointed not to find any right there.

4)      My Baby B seems to have mastered the art of blowing bubbles!!!  It helped that I bought some “super bubble” solution, I think, but she was so proud of herself…and so was I!

5)      My Baby A and I had a really great session playing with our “Velcro mitts”, as we call them.  She wanted to catch the ball 10 times before we went inside, and she managed that, plus some.  And I’m thankful to report she’s finally throwing up and out much better…many fewer dives required from Mommy!

6)      One afternoon the girls were coloring.  Baby A asked B if she could borrow her red crayon. B said, "Yes, you may have it, as long as you behave."  I think that sounds fair!

7)      The girls were such awesome helpers one morning!  We decided it was “Cooking Show Day”, and they played large roles in making granola (measuring out the ingredients); guacamole (mashing the avocados); tuna salad (cutting eggs with a butter knife and mixing); and stuffed eggs (peeling 8 eggs between them!).  I was so impressed how they stuck with me for two solid hours…helping when I could let them, and watching across the island when I was dicing veggies.

8)      The girls were coloring while I was making lunch.  B came to me with marker all over her hands. "Look, Mommy! I'm a chameleon!"  At least it was a cute and creative excuse for the mess she'd made!

9)      I asked B why she always draws me the shortest of the four of us.  "Don't worry,'s just the way God made you."

10)   I overheard the girls one morning, from the living room (where I could not see them):  "Lift my leg and see how high it will go."  I got my hands dried and in there pretty quickly…I knew that could turn south in an instant.  HA!

11)   One day Baby A said, in response to something I’d asked her to do, "...I'm just a tiny, four-year old baby."  Yes, you’ll always be my tiny baby...and that’s a really great try…but that’s not an acceptable excuse.  HA!

12)   And B summed up the start of her day one morning by saying, It's good to get up in the morning and color."  Literally and figuratively…amen to that!


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

You have little culinary artists on your hands. That's neat. Oh - and I ALWAYS leave the pantry door cracked, too!! Turns out my littlest babe is ready and waiting and then she bee lines it for the paper products! You would think I would learn ;-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

That's Connor - he canNOT stand open drawers or doors and will walk around shutting them (without asking) even when we're busy dressing :)