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April 7, 2013

What It Means to Be FOUR

As I wrote my weekly highlights post a few days ago, I noticed that almost every point had something about the girls being SO EXCITED.

It must be part of being four years old.  The girls just squeal with excitement, and it’s just so much fun.

I wish I’d had a video camera going on Thursday when I told them about the field trip to the fire station we had planned on Friday.  Baby A started dancing around, the hugest smile on her face.

The tiniest little thing seems to make the girls’ day…a proclamation that it’s “Puzzle Day”…a suggestion to do a craft…the opportunity to help fold laundry…a sunny day for a walk…an invitation for a shoulder ride…and you might as well plug your ears if there’s a real treat ahead, like a trip to the bookstore or the ice cream shop.

So I decided that EXCITEMENT is a huge part of being four.

But what else?

We’re also dealing with some tears from time to time.  It made me think that that – basically the opposite of squealing and dancing around – must be related.  Four is an EMOTIONAL age.

And what else?

Four is an age of incredible UNDERSTANDING.  The girls ask lots of questions, and I do my best to provide factual, age-appropriate answers.  They will usually listen patiently, and it’s absolutely amazing to me what they comprehend and remember.

Four is an age of DOING.  Nothing thrills the girls more than for me to ask them to help me.  They love to run upstairs and get a pair of socks…they love to get something from the pantry for me…they love to help me clip coupons, and organize them into piles.

And what else?

Four is an age where the girls can play GAMES pretty well.  They have the attention span (usually) to take turns and follow the rules (with some occasional reminders).  Some of us are still working on losing gracefully, but this activity lends so much depth to our family time.

Four is an age where my girls like to SING and DANCE and act SILLY.  They have a love-hate relationship with TICKLES.  They love to sing.  The girls still think Mommy is an amazing artist, and they’ll sit and COLOR and DRAW and CUT and PASTE for ages.

Four is an age where the girls still love their baby dolls and their stuffed animals.  They engage in the most amazing PRETEND with them, scenarios that carry over for days.  Hardly anything is more precious than seeing them cuddle with their babies, and hearing them whisper sweet things into their ears.

And thankfully, four is still an age of baby-like snuggles, hugs, kisses, and plenty of AFFECTION.  The girls still love to sit in my lap…they shower me with hugs and kisses…they love to say “I love you”.

There’s so much more, of course…but these are the few things that are top of mind when I think about now.

With every passing stage, I’ve said, “Oh, this is my favorite age,” and that certainly holds true right now.  And I’ve also consistently said how I would like to “bottle” every age, so as not to forget.

Time continues to show me that’s impossible…and I already know it’s just a matter of enjoying the ride.

Enjoying it, I am, and trying to write things down so I can always remember the joys of these days.


Anonymous said...

i always say that it's my favorite age, too. we say friends yesterday that have a 4, 2.5, and 1 year old. it was remarkable to see them all together and see the differences and be reminded of how things change so rapidly. and i really had a hard time with the 1 year old!! i could barely remember how to hold him, how to interact, etc. :) haha.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Well that sounds so much fun! I totally flaked on buying the 3-year-old book, so I think I'm going to get one for ME for their birthday.

Like strongblonde is with the 1-year-old, I am with newborns.... My favourite age was 1 - 2, and then any of the equilibrium ages I'm guessing :)

Student Mommy said...

I'm loving 4 too. Although I'm starting to get, "You don't believeeee meeee." Which is horrid because she's totally believable, so when I don't believe something (like a sore leg - see my post this afternoon) and it's real... I'm horribly ashamed. I'm also getting the "You don't love me!" comments when it comes time to be stern. I'm not sure what to do with those.

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Four is such a FUN age!

Deanna said...

I kept this post unread in my Google Reader for over a week, because I could tell I would want to respond! I definitely agree with four being EMOTIONAL. And like you say, that can go either way. A & M are quite the dramatic pair right now. : )

We are also seeing a lot of increased independence (which I LOVE). I have been told more than once already, "I can do it myself. I am four now!"

It is so fun, too. I am loving four so far!