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January 2, 2013

Fabulous Stuff from the Last Few Weeks...

I am kicking myself for having gotten behind on my “fabulous” week-in-review posts!!!  They say to spend New Year’s Day the way you want to spend the year, though…so there’s no time like yesterday / today to get back on track, I guess.

Thankfully, I’ve jotted down some notes.  Between that and Facebook, I can reconstruct at least part of what I should have recorded over the past three weeks…

1)      I was SO proud of the girls for going through their toys before Christmas, looking for things to be donated.  We do that every few months, and they really seem to grasp – at a three-year old level, anyway – that not all people have the things they need, as we are blessed to have.

2)      Baby B’s pronunciation has been pretty exemplary (I think) for a long time, and Baby A has improved so much, just within the last month.  Still, there are a couple of words that they still have such a baby way of saying…orange is “ah-yange”, and interesting is, well, interesting.  I can’t quite figure that one out, but maybe something along the lines of “inchresting”???  It always makes me smile.

3)      Baby A has started enunciating consonant combinations much more clearly.  For squirrel, for example, she used to say “soorl”.  I really had to listen for context to understand what she was saying.  Just within the past couple of weeks, she’s articulating “skoorl”, which is a big improvement!

4)      Baby A got to be the line leader during the last week of preschool.  I don’t know what all that entails, exactly, but I know they get to call their classmates to line up when they go to the bathroom or outside.  I asked A who she called first, and she answered, “B!  The tone in her voice was a bit incredulous…as if there’d be another answer.  So sweet!

5)      On the last day of preschool before the holiday break, nothing could have been cuter than seeing the girls and all their classmates pile out of their classroom wearing construction paper antlers, their noses painted Rudolph-red.  They were all bursting with excitement…the epitome of that magical preschool age.

6)      After their preschool Christmas party, I asked them what they had to eat and drink.  "We asked for water, but there wasn't any.  There was only juice."  Really?  "Maybe Jesus really liked juice," they reasoned.  HA!

7)      At some random time, I grabbed my camera to make pictures of the girls playing with their daddy.  Baby A took us all by surprise when she reached up, turned Daddy’s face to the camera, and told him to smile!  She’s not exactly golden in that department herself…but this shows me she gets the idea, at least!

8)      When B was asked several times what she’d like for Christmas, she consistently replied, “I would like a toy for Sasha.”  It warms my heart to see her sweet, tender heart on display.

9)      We had originally planned to go to JD’s for a special snack one day, but we didn’t realize they are closed on Mondays.  We went instead to the tea shop downtown, and opted for an order of beignets.  Little did we know we were their very first beignet customers…kinda cool!  And the girls passed that “trial run” for a trip to NOLA with flying colors.
10)  At the tea shop, the girls had milk, while I had hot tea.  They both asked to try my tea, and I told them they could have a sip.  I poured a tiny amount in each of their cups when they finished their milk.  Baby B took a tiny sip, and made the worst face ever.  Baby A couldn’t get past the smell.  I appreciate their adventurousness…but I’m really glad they didn’t like it!

11)   When we decorated cookies with M&C before Christmas, the kiddos tired of the decorating after 30 minutes or so.  After we got them cleaned up (which was no small task!), they were running around with spatulas, having a blast.  Baby A kept chasing everyone, trying to take their picture with the kiddie camera…wonder where she gets that notion from?!

12)   Wisdom from Baby A:  I have holes in my head so my hair can grow.”

13)   Playing with Silly Bandz they got from preschool, the girls ran up to me.  Look at our hand rubbers!” they squealed.

14)   B, from the potty one morning:  "Mommy! I got just the right amount of toilet paper! I'm so organized!"

15)   B was drawing one morning, and I asked her why her snowman was wearing glasses. "Because he hasn't put his contacts in yet, Mommy."  Yup, ask a silly question....

16)   When we were at GG’s before Christmas, Mr. Randy told the girls their eyes were so shiny.  We just had a bath!” B exclaimed.  (That was a reference to Mommy’s “shiny clean” characterization, I guess…HA!)

17)   I was upstairs folding laundry, and I wish I had counted what was going on downstairs from the beginning.  The girls rooked Daddy into singing “Happy Birthday”…at least 20 times.  When I came downstairs, I heard “Happy Birthday Dear Pillows…” “Happy Birthday Dear Carpet…” and “Happy Birthday Old Blocks and New Blocks…” just as a reference point.

18)   The girls have been ALL ABOUT playing hide and seek this week.  They’re so bad, though!  Baby A called out one time, “Where are you sissy?  And B answered, “I’m hiding!  Later, B explained that she didn’t want sissy to get tired looking for her.

19)   And I think I fell in love with my husband a little more over one particular game of hide and seek.  In response to the girls’ uncontrollable laughter, I went in the living room to see what was going on…Daddy was sitting in the middle of the floor, completely covered with a blanket.  Hahaha!

20)   It’s not unusual for Baby B to “read” books aloud, but it was so sweet to see Baby A this week.  She was “reading” the entire “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” series to B…and B was listening so intently.

21)    Daddy was so proud this week...the girls were bopping around, pretending to be "Chelsea" and "Liverpool", two English Premier League soccer teams.

22)   While we were in Alabama for the holidays, the girls got asked several times what they wanted to be when they grow up.  My A surprised me by answering, I want to be a cook, like Mommy.”  Now if one only got paid for being “a cook like Mommy!”  HA!

23)   B is so proud of learning to spit her toothpaste.  She comes out of the bathroom every night to report to her daddy, “I spat excellently!

24)   We celebrated New Year’s Eve with M&C and their mom and dad.  The kiddos were playing with the train set (along with every other toy we own).  I asked B about one of the loops on the track, and she said so seriously, “M and I made this.”  I just got a kick out of how grown-up she sounded…AND her proper use of the “someone and I” construction.  Squee!

So thankful for these...and all the other moments in time!

Happy New Year!!!  Here's to the start of a fantastic 2013!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Crikey, that's a super long list :)

I love that they want to be cooks like you, Mandy!

And the snowman with glasses! TOO CUTE!

Today K drew something - I asked what it was and it was a spider and next to it was something to pick the spider up because "spiders are yuck, Mummy" LOL

championm2000 said...

I think I have said something about along the same lines as the Jesus/juice comment except it was about wine..HAHA!

I always love these lists...fascinating to see a child's mind at work (and it's a reminder to me to be more diligent in documenting the daily things)!

Happy New Year!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I'm glad you are back on track... I remember some of these from Facebook, but you missed some gems on there. :) Hand rubbers! Have they been hanging out with some British kids at school? And I love that your girls are always looking out for one another. The twin bond is an amazing thing, isn't it. Mine were terrible at hide and seek last year too... same hiding place EVERY time, giggling and giving away their spot. Now they are pros. But B has a point - my girls once gave up on a friend who was hiding. Poor kid.

Beth said...

That does sound like a wonderful last few weeks!

I keep giggling about the snowman needing to put his contacts in- So cute!

I love watching my kids play hide and seek- they're not too good yet. Either they take too long picking a hiding spot or get bored waiting for their sibling to find them and start talking and giggling. They still have fun though!

Looks like you're starting the off right! Happy 2013!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

HA!!! #13 is awesome!!

Mrs FF said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. You girls are full of wonder. Very hard to get bored with all the comedy around. Wish I could be a fly on the wall for a day to catch them in action (LOL)And daddy must be so proud the girls know their EPL teams. Which team does he support because Liverpool and Chelsea are two big time rivals?