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December 29, 2012

Christmas Fun!

Christmas morning, we had the girls' two new block sets waiting for them in the den. 

We played for a bit, but they were really anxious to open their stockings.  Before we dug into stockings, though, I asked if they wanted to give Sasha her gift.  They were so excited to "help" her unwrap her present!

And our sweet Sasha did not disappoint.  (No doubt wooed by the catnip,) she dove right in and gave the girls quite a show!

Then came the much-anticipated stockings...

LOVE the HUGE smile on A's face!

Nothing better than a stocking longer than your arm!
As is our tradition, the girls got new ornaments...this year, stars, engraved with their names, and "Blossoming into Amazing Little Girls".

The girls also got fuzzy socks, and they could hardly keep their hands off of them!

Before we broke for breakfast, I told the girls that what Mommy really wanted for Christmas was a picture of my two sweet baby girls, smiling.  They sorta-kinda tried.  :)

For breakfast I made a fruit tart (using an adorable pan that I just couldn't resist buying at Target a few weeks ago).  It looks small in this picture, but it's about 10" from top to bottom.  Along with some scrambled eggs, it made a great breakfast.

After we ate, we played some more with our blocks, and the girls were anxious to try out their new skinny markers from their stockings.

We enjoyed a mid-morning snack before heading back to the tree.  The girls were excited to give me their present, a new digital picture frame!

And here they are, helping Daddy open his new books and calendar.

Then it was finally time for the girls to open their gifts.  In addition to a couple of new books, they each got a dress-up costume.

After A opened her gift, she moved over to help her sister tear into hers.  

My favorite picture from Christmas!
Here are the girls in their new duds...

After a big lunch of Cajun shrimp and grits and a blissful family nap, we spent the afternoon playing.

Amid all the new toys, I love that Abby and Lily (the girls' babies) needed haircuts...HA!

Love this picture of A, yielding an ax...and her baby.

It stinks being "on call" on the holidays...
Grandma June came over late Christmas afternoon to share a snack and see the girls' new goodies.  We ate an "appetizer" supper, and called it a day!

It was another wonderful holiday...the girls were full of excitement and anticipation, but we still managed to do everything in good time, spread out, and enjoy all the little moments.

One funny note...the girls stayed in their pajamas through lunch, as they did last Christmas.  They thought it was pretty special to take a nap in their jammies.  After nap, I tried to get them dressed.  They really wanted to show Grandma June their new polar bear pajamas, though, so I relented and let them.  They didn't want to change into clean pj's for bed, for the first time ever, we slept in the same pajamas two days in a row.  Ick!  If we can limit that to one day a year, though, I think we'll all survive.


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Christmas tree tart = cutest Christmas breakfast I've ever seen!

We stayed in pajamas almost all day too... that's my kind of day!

Mrs FF said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. A's smile in that picture lovely! And I see the dr was busy hope there were not too many emergencies ;)