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January 4, 2013

The Blissful Return to Regularly-Scheduled Programming

We had such a wonderful holiday!  We kicked it off in a busy fashion, continuing what had been a pretty bustling first half of December.  On the second day of Daddy’s vacation, we headed to Alabama.  We came back a couple of days later, and hit the ground running on December 23. 

By Christmas Eve, though, things were settling down, and we had a very relaxed Christmas.  We continued in “relax mode” through New Year’s.

The first three weeks of December couldn’t have been any different from the last week.  I’d venture there were very few days we didn’t leave the house for some errand or some event.  Following our return from Alabama, though, we kept really close to home.

The weather was biting cold (relative to the mid-south, anyway), and bleak and windy.  We’d exhausted our errands, and we had no events scheduled.

In many respects, it was so nice to just “be” at home.  We played, we read, we cooked, and we napped.  Mommy and Daddy took turns heading out from time to time, but the girls didn’t leave the house for a full week!

By New Year’s Eve, some of that “relax mode” seemed to catch up with us, it felt.

The girls were getting restless, and so were we.

Daddy returned to work on January 2.  We hosted a play date that morning, which definitely helped exercise some jitters.  And then that afternoon, we ran an errand…woo hoo!!!  Our local Sam’s Club greeted us with open arms…and then we picked up some pictures at Walgreen’s.  It felt like such an event!

Thursday morning, the girls were so excited to go to school.  Baby A cited she was most looking forward to hugging Mrs. E, and Baby B was most looking forward to seeing their classmate J.  (So sweet!!!)

The girls had a blast at school, ate a nice lunch, and then had a really nice nap.  They played so well Thursday afternoon…we colored, we played some games, and then they entertained themselves while I made supper, at least until Daddy got home.  It was all normal stuff, but oh, so nice, compared to some of the ants-in-our-pants of the previous couple of days.

I hardly sat down all day…I caught up with my volunteering for the week while the girls were in school, folded laundry and did some organizing during naptime, and then made a from-scratch dinner.  The interesting thing, though?  Even at the end of the day, I was energized.

As much as I enjoyed the going and the doing, followed by the hunkering down at home, it felt great to be back in the groove.

I’m welcoming January with open arms!

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Mrs FF said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Amazing how we miss regular schedule after sometime and then long for the break again :-)