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January 8, 2013

Ladies Luck

I remember well January 2, 2009.  The University of Alabama Crimson Tide was playing in a big bowl game...and not playing well.  I tried not to invest myself too heavily in the game...34 weeks pregnant with twins...but I can only surmise it was the stress of the ballgame that drove me to the hospital for the first time.

Fast-forward a few months, and I dressed the girls -- by then, healthy 7-month olds -- in their inaugural Bama gear.  Would you believe this is the FIRST picture I have of them BOTH smiling?  I am certain it's not a could you contain yourself in those gorgeous crimson hues???

And a few months later, The University of Alabama Crimson Tide was again playing in a big bowl game...this time, the biggest...and they won all the marbles.  No doubt fueled by this smiling duo, Alabama welcomed home National Championship #13.

The girls continued to support their team.  One of the first baby signs they learned was that for "TOUCHDOWN!"

And here are my girlies the following season, in their cheerleading finest, sandwiching their mama.  

And a couple of months later, our cheerleaders made the trick-or-treat rounds in the neighborhood.

While that adorable ensemble won the girls a lot of ooh's and ahh's, Alabama didn't win the National Championship that year.

The following season, though, the team was no doubt inspired by seeing the ever formidable Baby A and Baby B in their very first jerseys.

Welcome home National Championship #14!

In the fall of 2012, the girls added some frill to their frocks...

...but they still adored their jerseys, made even cuter when hugged up to a regulation football amid some gorgeous fall foliage.

We are so thankful once again to have supported our Tide -- as of last night! -- to National Championship #15!!!

There's been much use of the word "dynasty" in the last 12 hours.  Call it what you want...I'm just focused on these little ladies...what an awesome introduction to the Alabama Tradition they've had over the past four years!

And while Baby A and Baby B may think that the "B-A-M-A" cheer is somehow tied to them (using the first letters of their names, and "M" for Mommy), there's no confusion over their voracious ROOOOOOOLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

This Aggie fan was cheering for Alabama last night - what a whipping. Congratulations! I LOVE seeing the girls all decked out in their gear!

Deanna said...

Great game, right??? You keep dressing those girls in style! : )


Trish said...

Okay, those are the cutest pictures and the most adorable little cheerleaders ever (and that's coming from an Auburn alumus :)). I love being able to get the kids into some of our traditions! (and there's no better one than Southern football!). I was wondering if my two would be able to sit through a game in person this year, it would be so fun to take them on campus!

Trish said...