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January 6, 2013

Fourth Birthday Play-by-Play

Every year, I've done a birthday play-by-play.  I love looking back every year at exactly how we spent the most important day in our lives!

I know the girls will probably kick me for this one day, but I always take pictures of them waking up...

B's smiling (wincing?) face!

Baby A...if it weren't for her sister, I think she'd sleep a lot later!

Checking out the sunrise on the way downstairs...
 After early morning snuggles (including their bears, Honey and Whitey)...

 ...the girls were anxious to get into their presents!

First up, new aprons I ordered from Charlene of Adventures-in-Mommy-Land...she did such an amazing job!!!

Two more gifts...expansion pieces for their train set, and a toy cash register!
The cash register (or "computer", as A has been calling it) has been a HUGE hit!  They barely wanted to eat or get dressed or do anything else yesterday.

The girls with their "credit cards"...this will probably make me shudder one day...HA!

Playing grocery store.  We also had a bookstore, a toy store, and a jewelry store set up at various times.

I surprised the girls with new kitty cat stinkin' cute!

They wouldn't put the cash register down for a picture, though!  HA!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I forgot my camera when we went to lunch.  Ugh....... 

As we have every year on the girls' birthday, we ate lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  After our meal, the waiters sang first to Baby A, in Spanish, and then to Baby B, in English (I guess to mix it up a bit).  While I was paying the bill, one of the waiters was talking to the girls in a "duck voice", and they thought it was hysterical!!!  Baby A laughed so hard she drooled on my hand when I got back to the table.  HA!

After a beautiful nap, we spent the afternoon playing, mostly with the cash register.  We opened cards from Aunt GG and Uncle Tommy and Aunt Janet, and a box from Aunt Alison.

Baby B asked earlier in the day if I would make shrimp scampi for supper.  Of course that was the plan...another tradition that goes back to their first birthday.

After supper I served my famous chocolate molten lava pudding cake...another tradition.  The girls were SO EXCITED to have dessert!!!

Baby A, blowing out her candle after we sang to her.

Baby B, waiting patiently!

Baby B, preparing to blow out her candle after her birthday song...

Digging in!

Baby A is known for taking the biggest possible bite when she really likes something...and she likes my cake a lot!
After supper, we got the sweetest call from Aunt Alison and her Baby A, who sang "Happy Birthday" to the girls on speaker phone.  It was the most precious thing, to hear her little two-year old voice!!!

And then we wrapped up the day with two more books, of course (another tradition).

(Love they are in almost the exact same pose!)
And snuggle time before bed...

It was a great day, filled with fun and food and our little family of four.

Thank you for the many wonderful, thoughtful birthday wishes!  We are so blessed by our baby girls, and so thankful to be able to share our joy with family and friends.


Amanda said...

So sweet and super special sounding. I love all the traditions you weaved in the day!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

My goodness... I'm suddenly blown away by how "FOUR" looks on your girls. So grown up! From their hair to their expressions to just everything! Gave me the chills! What a wonderful day!

Carrie said...

Looks like a super fabulous day!! And the traditions add a lot more special to an already special day! Happy Birthday girls!!

Double the Giggles said...

What a great day! Happy 4th, A & B!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the play-by-play!

And the little sleepy faces :)

Kendra is the chatterbox in the mornings and Connor just wants to sleep. They switch roles once he's properly awake though :)


Anonymous said...

yea!!! happy birthday, A and B!!

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE the pictures you take of the kiddos when they wake up?

looks like a great day! and btw: how the heck do you have 4 year olds???

Beth said...

Such a fun day!

Your girls are adorable and I am so jealous of their hair- perfectly straight! I think it makes them look even more grown-up.

Rod and I went Christmas shopping and came across a play cash register. It was on sale for a good price and we thought the kids would like it so we grabbed it, but didn't really think too much of it. They love it! Every kid in the family has played with it several times each day since Christmas. We have also had every type of store under the sun. I'm glad your girls are also loving their cash register!

Happt birthday to you and your big girls!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I wish I could convince Adam to request Shrimp Scampi for dinner!? He's horribly picky and detests any seafood (he'll literally gag and throw up if we push the issue!). The dude seems to have texture issues! ha!

Loved the play by play!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Perfect day celebrating your sweet babies. I'm so glad they had a great day. Will it make you sad if I tell you that they might even look four now?

Deanna said...

I love your birthday traditions! I bet the girls will treasure those memories in the future. Glad they had such a good day!

Jules said...

It looks like they had a great day. I'm sure they will appreciate the birthday play-by-play in the future. Something to look back on & great memories.

Mrs FF said...

What a lovely birthday tradition!!!!
And it's amazing how much they have grown (in the short time I have been following your blog).

I can relate with Baby A (I am not a morning person most mornings).