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January 25, 2013

It Finally Happened!!! But These Girlies Can't Keep a Secret for Anything!

Since they were 2 ½ weeks old, I’ve been having the girls’ pictures taken at regular intervals.  Certainly they change so very quickly, and I just don’t want to forget a thing. 

As often as we see our two favorite photographers, you’d think it would be old hat by now, but those occasions tend to make me sweat…there’s just so much pressure!  Once upon a time, the pressure was about trying to anticipate spit-up before it happened on a beautiful smocked dress.  I now know that was nothing in comparison to the pressure to try to make my girls SMILE.

I know my girlies are vibrant and radiant and full of life…and full of giggles and laughs and smiles…but turning on that charm when the camera lights start flashing?  At times it’s felt near-impossible.

Yes, I scheduled the girls to have pictures taken regularly so that I wouldn’t miss anything…and…also…knowing that ONE DAY, we’d finally hit the mark where they would SMILE on request.

Even though we just had two sets of holiday pictures made in November…and we have the girls’ birthday pictures coming up soon (and maybe Easter pictures, too)…I couldn’t resist scheduling a Valentine’s Day mini-session with our favorite family photographer.

We’ve never had professional Valentine’s Day pictures done before, and the backdrops she posted online were so stinkin’ adorable.  And…it has been TWO MONTHS since our last pictures.  Maybe the girls would be ready to SMILE???

On Wednesday morning we got all clean and shiny, dressed in our bright red best, and headed to see Miss Andi.  The girls were thrilled to find her Christmas card before we left.  They were full of conversation about her sweet babies, and about her mom’s dog, whom we saw the last photo session we had with her.

As the girls were getting into position, I told them that I thought we should SURPRISE Daddy with these pictures…what better Valentine’s Day present could he ever ask for???

They were so full of the most adorable, sometimes mischievous grins, every time I reminded them of “surprising Daddy”.

SCORE!!!  It finally happened!!!  The girls SMILED – nicely! – on request!!! 

But what were the very first words out of B’s mouth when her daddy opened the door on Wednesday night?  Daddy!  SURPRISE!!!  We had Valentine’s Day pictures made with Miss Andi!!!

Oh, well…you can’t win them all.  I’ll gladly take my SMILING pictures, even minus the element of surprise. 

Or, really…Daddy will probably have forgotten about the pictures in a couple of weeks, so it may actually be a SURPRISE after all!


yetunde said...

I actually laughed at this. Too cute

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You kill me :)

But I'm convinced these kids can't keep secrets. Mine also can't keep a secret to save their life (Connor's the worst!). THe Christmas presents worked well because we shopped together but I wrapped on my own and I honestly think they forgot til D unwrapped :)

I'm doing the weekend accountability on my Organising Queen facebook page!

championm2000 said...

I can't wait for the day when photo sessions aren't such a taxing event for us!


I can't wait to see your pictures. I am sure they are fabulous! With smiles, how could they not be??

cat said...

Oh yeah! And then they reach the age where they do not want to any more.