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January 16, 2013

Two Little Monkeys PAJAMA PARTY!!!

This summer we discovered a new indoor bouncy house play place in our town, and the girls quickly fell in love.  We bought a pass during the month of July, and we definitely got our money's worth! 

With school starting in August (and frankly, with the start of cold and flu season following shortly thereafter), we hadn't been to jump in months and months.  The girls had been asking about it here and there...and I kept putting them off.  "Soon," I'd promise.

Little did they know that Mommy had something up her sleeve...a birthday party with all their the bouncy house!!!

You may know that this mama needs a theme, so with a little brainstorming, I came up with the idea of "monkeys jumping on the bed".  It worked out perfectly when I booked the bouncy house...and decided on an early morning time slot...which turned the theme into a pajama party.

I am so very grateful to my friend Margie for her incredible graciousness in turning this idea into the most adorable invitation...

I couldn't be happier with how everything came together.  The girls (and Mommy and Daddy) had an absolute blast!!!

The table was staged with bedsheets and pillows.

Here's the inspiration for the of the girls' favorite rhymes.

A cushy bed needs a bed tray!  On display were pictures from each birthday to date.

My "bacon and eggs" candy, alongside a jar of banana runts.  Monkeys love bananas!

Muffins -- blueberry and banana nut -- instead of cupcakes.  Margie also made the most adorable toppers to match the invitations. 


Mini spinach quiche.
Vanilla yogurt parfaits with Mommy's homemade of the girls' favorites.

And here are our favors...monkey-embroidered washcloths in clear acrylic cups.
I love this picture of the girls, checking out the goodies...dressed the stinkin' cutest flannel pajamas, I might add.  :)

Shooting hoops with Daddy before the party guests arrived.

The girls' favorite...the BIG slide!

After everyone had plenty of time to jump and bounce and slide, it was finally time to dig into the goodies.

Family photo!

Baby A, blowing out her FOUR candles!

Baby B, blowing out her FOUR candles!

Digging in!!!

Bacon and eggs never tasted so sweet!
We are so very thankful to have celebrated our precious baby girls' big day surrounded by such fantastic friends.  Everyone had a great time, and the girls are already asking if they can have their next party at the bouncy house.


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

SO very cute, my friend. :)

cat said...

What a fabulous party Mandy! Great ideas and decorations and food all round. Happy happy Bday to the girls!

Double the Giggles said...

Everything looked wonderful and I love all of your smiles! The girls must have loved every second of it! Displaying the past b-day photos is such a wonderful idea! ...I think you might need to share that delish granola recipe with your readers ;) Those parfaits look divine!

Anonymous said...

wow. this makes my party look like something that we just decided to do at the last minute. oh wait! that's true! ha.

great job, M!!! :) i'll start to brainstorm with you this spring/summer for my 4 year party!

also--funny side note: our kids HATE the bounce house. esp T. he says that it is too LOUD! :)

championm2000 said...

Oh, my! I love it all!

What more can I say??

(except maybe that I totally want to steal this idea, right down to the monkey wash clothes in the acrylic cup)!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

That's adorable! Nice job Mama!

Marcia (123 blog) said...


This came together so beautifully!!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING - every little awesome detail :)

You really did a fantastic job!


(PS I'm pinning)

Mrs FF said...

Too many degrees of awesomeness. Just amazeballs.......