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December 26, 2012

Advent Wrap-up and Candy Cane Hunt and {CRAFT}

We had so much fun with our Advent countdown!!!  Even though most of the activities were things we would have done anyway, the girls had an absolute blast being surprised every morning to learn what was in store for the day.


  • Decorated the tree
  • Made Chex mix
  • Made an ornament
  • Decorated cookies with our friends M&C
  • Made a Christmas tree craft
  • Took a walk through the neighborhood to see the lights
  • Bought a present for Sasha
  • Went shopping for the food pantry
  • Watched the lighting of the Rockefeller Tree
  • Made cards for our friends
  • Went to Miss Meridith's house for Christmas stories with Santa
  • Made a donation to the Salvation Army (complete with a goody bag for the bell-ringer)
  • Made homemade hot chocolate
  • Hosted Grandma June for a Christmas snack (and then we surprised Daddy at work with the leftovers)
  • Ate out for breakfast
  • Made cards for the girls' teachers
  • Had a Christmas party at school
  • Went to see the Houchens House decorated with 34 trees
  • Wrapped presents
  • Went to Alabama to celebrate with Granddaddy and Emme
  • Went to Birmingham to see our friends and family
  • Went to Grandma Linda's house
  • Took gifts to our neighbors

(A couple of days I felt like I wimped the Christmas party at school...but the girls didn't miss a beat.  I tried not to "overdo" too much.  I rationalized there was no sense in me forcing another activity when they'd be full from parties or traveling.)

The culmination of our countdown, on Christmas Eve, was a candy cane hunt.

I originally got the idea from Deanna, and then I saw how Johanna had organized a scavenger hunt for her girls' preschool class.  I combined the two, and my A&B thought it was The Best Thing Ever!

When they woke up from their nap, I gave them each a gift bag and a clue. 

Look in the chair where Sasha enjoys the sun…
Collect your candy canes and start the fun!

They raced downstairs to the dining room to the chair where Sasha likes to look out the window.  Waiting for them were two candy canes, and another clue.

Look for the ornament that is new…
You’ll find more candy canes and another clue!

Two more candy canes were hanging on the tree, and then...

Continue this game with lots of wishes…
By looking where you keep your dishes!

Two more candy canes were tucked into their play kitchen, and then...

Have some fun and then cut loose…
Go to the place where there are books of Seuss!

Two more candy canes sat atop their Dr. Seuss books, and then...

Head upstairs, this game is drawing near…
Look for the book about the little twin deer!

Two more candy canes were on the bookcase upstairs, and then...

And down once more, but not too fast…
Go to the table to do a craft!

Waiting on them were the makings for this candy cane reindeer.

The girls were giggling every step of the way, their excitement at the thrill of the chase palpable.  It was a wonderful end to our Christmas countdown, and a great Christmas Eve activity.

The Christmas just before the girls turned two was so much fun...the next year, even more so...and this year was an absolute BLAST.  We are so thankful for this time with our sweet baby girls!


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I've been waiting for this post! It didn't disappoint. What fun... I'm totally 'pinning' this so I can remember to do it next year. :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I don't think the advent worked for us this year. D and I discussed - I think it's because we didn't do it all in the mornings so it was a mish-mash here and there. Though we did something every day, I don't know that they connected THAT with counting down.

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