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December 8, 2012

Advent Activities and CRAFT

We've enjoyed a full week of Advent activities, and the girls are having a BLAST!!!  They LOVE taking turns to pull a number off our calendar...and then showing it to me to tell them what it says. 

(I have been impressed how well they've taken issues whatsoever.  And on a different note, I laugh to myself every morning...they can't read, so how do they know what it says?  If I ever change my mind about the day's activity at the last minute, they'd never know!)

This week we...

* Put up the Christmas tree on Saturday
* Made Chex mix on Sunday
* Made a Christmas tree craft with our friends M&C on Monday
* Made cards for our friends on Tuesday
* Went shopping for the food pantry at one of the local churches on Wednesday
* Made homemade hot chocolate on Thursday
* Hosted our neighbor, "Grandma" June, for a holiday-themed snack on Friday
* Went out to breakfast as a family on Saturday

Our craft was a super-easy one, an extension of several other crafts we've made this year.  Easy-peasy...the girls had fun...and they love having their artwork on display on the window.  Win-win-win!

Some construction paper cut into a triangle, squares of multi-colored tissue paper, and my standby contact paper...viola!

B's tree is on the left, and A's is on the right.  I love how different they are, too.  :)

Our next craft will be an ornament of some sort, I think.  For having almost-four-year olds, I just decided our Christmas tree doesn't look nearly "homemade" enough.

Fortunately we have 16 more days of Advent activities to go!  Let the fun continue!

I'm linking up with Charlene at Adventures-in-Mommy-Land for "Hey, Mom! Look What I Did!"  Check her out for so many great crafts and educational ideas!  (Psst...she also has a great giveaway going on right now from Shabby Apple...such cute stuff!)

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as we are.  I've said this for years now, but this is the best year yet!


Charlene said...

I love your trees, so cute! Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the trees!

So cute.

I've forgotten what we;ve done but all our activity packages are still up because I haven't yet taken pics!!!

Julia said...

I love how different you let their trees be. When our girls were working on them, I kept pointing out bare patches for them to fill in. I regret a little, now, that I didn't let them fill them as they saw fit.

Good reminder that the control-freak in me needs to relax sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So much fun! I totally love the craft! My advent calendar that I was so excited about.....bigger than me and the door it was meant returning it. I've got a whole year now to make one!

MultipleMum said...

Love your trees. Might have to get my twins making twin ones here in Sydney! How cute would that be? I will post a pick on FB if I pull it off :-) x
PS what is chex?

Mrs FF said...

I like that the advent calendar is about creativity and not candy and chocolates as is the norm :)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

These are SO cute. Both beautiful and very display worthy. As different and precious as your babies themselves, I think.

And LOL at the Australian asking about Chex. I believe they call it Crispix over there. :) I found while I was there that they have the same stuff - just different names. And that their Doritos are far superior to ours...

Barbara Manatee said...

I love suncatcher type crafts! So cute and so pretty!