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December 4, 2012

Quad Mama for the Morning

Yesterday morning, our friends M&C came over to play for a few hours while their mom had an appointment.

I was very glad to help her out, but I'll admit I was a wee bit nervous about managing four three-year olds.

I stepped back a few times to ponder how busy our house seemed while everyone was here, but really the morning went incredibly well, and the time just flew by.

Often, when we get together for a play date, it seems like the kiddos are playing "around" each other, more so than "with" each other.  Yesterday, though, brought mostly collaborative play.

We cooked (in the pretend kitchen). 

We got out the train set, and I helped the foursome connect their individual loops to each other. 

We had a (pretend) picnic by the Christmas tree. 

We read some stories. 

We ate a snack, and later, lunch.  (No spills and minimal crumbs!)

We played Ring-Around-the-Rosey. 

And we even went on safari to Africa, acting out the bus ride to the airport...the plane ride and resultant parachute to the ground...and then we took turns naming which animals we saw, and we acted those out, too.  ("Bear" was the most common animal.  And I made the mistake of spying a big snake...which prompted three of four kiddos to pile on my back as I attempted to lead a group slither across the den.  Lesson learned.  HA!)

M&C's mom called a couple of times, and each time we were involved in some type of craft.  At one point she laughed and said, "Uh oh!  I'll bet we're going to run you out of paint!"  I laughed right back...that NO WAY was I brave enough to break out the paint.  No, our "crafts" consisted of stickers and contact paper...all pretty benign.  ;)

Amid the flurry of activity, I even stepped back a few times to snap a couple of pictures.

Picnic time!

Sticker craft...they all did such a great job!

I don't mean to pretend that I have any inkling of what quadruplets would really be like...but I am proud of myself -- and these four awesome kiddos! -- for having such a fun, more-or-less stress-free morning together.


Mandy said...

You are a trooper! I like to tell myself it's all in the planning, and should I have a bad day, it's because of poor planning!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Good job! That picnic looks pretty fun, and I bet all four will be asking to repeat it soon. I bet those boys' mommy will too. ;)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

These boys are so sweet. We've already discussed an arranged marriage (in 30 years!). ;)

Louisa said...

I think this is the stuff of medals!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

you did a great job! I've been meaning to do the sticker letters like your girls did on our cards. Thanks for the reminder.

Also what a great idea - next time they'll go over there and before you know it you two will both have regular me time without paying a babysitter!

Demaragreg said...

Yep! I'm ready for A&B to come over for Mommy free time!
And dishes will be a great Christmas gift- if I can find any that aren't pink. I don't mind pink and am not really into the gender thing, but please a little more neutral... sigh