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December 28, 2012

December 23rd and 24th

We got home from Alabama on December 22.  I focused my efforts on unpacking and doing laundry that evening, but I jumped back to Christmas preps first thing on Sunday morning.

I was thankful that the girls were content to play so well on Sunday morning, and that Daddy helped keep them on task, as this mama was B-U-S-Y in the kitchen.  I made all our neighbor goodies (an array of pumpkin gingerbread, peanut brittle, peppermint Chex mix, and white chocolate cranberry blondies).

I had everything wrapped and ready to go by Sunday afternoon.  The girls were thrilled to don their reindeer antlers for the delivery route.  We didn't plan it this way exactly, but B sang "Jingle Bells" to most of our neighbors, while A danced around, jingling the bells on her headband.

On Christmas Eve, Mommy caught up on grocery shopping, and we largely had another low-key day at home.  Here are the girls in their new Christmas tees from Uncle Tommy and Aunt Janet.

After our candy cane scavenger hunt, we scrubbed up nice and clean on Christmas Eve afternoon, and we came downstairs just in time to catch the postman bringing one last gift to the door.  I let the girls open them right away, and they were so excited!

After my little elves went to bed, Mommy kicked into overdrive.  I wrapped the last few presents and positioned them under the tree.

(Yes, the middle of the tree is dark.  It was probably Christmas Eve when I realized 1/2 a strand of lights were out!)

I created two elaborate structures from the girls' new magnetic blocks.

(This is one.)
 And I had fun playing with their new Trio blocks as I built a doggy and a garage.

Then I headed to bed.  The girls slept soundly (not quite old enough for the anticipation of Christmas morning to interrupt their sleep [thank goodness!])...but me, on the other hand?  I could hardly wait for 6:30 to arrive!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

Your building skills are awesome and you were a busy baking bee - wow :)

The building reminded me of this blog post., I actually think you'll like her blog. I like that it stretches my thinking but I never comment :)