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December 6, 2012

Here's to You, Sis

Last year, I posted my recipe for homemade hot chocolate.  It's super rich and creamy, all-around decadent, but I hadn't made it since last winter...and the girls had never had any.

For our Advent activity, I decided today was the day.

It was Baby B's turn to pull the card, which we usually do after breakfast.  The girls were super focused on coloring before they got ready for school, though, so we forgot.  When we were upstairs getting dressed, B burst into sobs.

"MOMMY!!!  I didn't get to pull my Advent card!"

I assured her we'd do it as soon as we got our socks on, and both the girls were SO excited at the prospect of hot chocolate.  (They've sampled Daddy's hot chocolate a couple of times at Panera, and they think they're such big stuff.)

While the girls were in school this morning, it occurred to me how stinkin' cute it would be to find some miniature mugs for them to use...finally, a justification to buy espresso cups!  ;)

I swung by Pier 1 and found the most darling mugs...on clearance, at that!

This afternoon when the girls got up from their nap, we turned on some Christmas music and headed to the kitchen.  Baby A measured the sugar, Baby B measured the cocoa, and they took turns dumping cups of milk into the saucepan.

When our super-special treat was ready, I sent them out of the kitchen to pour it into their new mugs.  The girls were SO excited!!!

On a whim I asked if they'd like to sit in front of the Christmas tree.  (And -- even in "whim" mode -- I thought to get a blanket for them to sit on...which was a good move on my part.)

Here are our sweet girlies toasting each other...

After a couple of minutes we moved to the table so the girls could have a little salty with their sweet.  These mugs look so big in these precious hands (crayon under fingernails and all)!

Such a fun treat for this blustery afternoon.  :)  :)


Mandy said...

Espresso mugs! It never occurred to me!! I'm off to Pier 1 tomorrow!! This is too darling. I love it!!

Amanda said...

Too cute! My girls don't like hot cocoa much to my amazement. This year I promised to just give them homemade chocolate milk in their mugs instead of hot cocoa when we go to look at christmas lights!

Beth said...

Sooo cute! My kids love hot chocolate and it is a super-special treat around here. Espresso cups? Genius! I have to go find some!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mine love hot chocolate - you saw the cute little mugs I bought them for Easter. Amazing, they're still unbroken.

I only buy hot chocolate, never make from scratch and the kids wanted some the other day and were horrified when I said, "babies, it's SUMMER! I ónly buy hot chocolate in winter!" :)

Mrs FF said...

Espresso mugs who would have thought and it's just fits right in their hands! I'll be getting these mugs for my friends' kids

Barbara Manatee said...

what adorable little mugs!!! what a treat!