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December 27, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama

We made our annual pre-Christmas visit to Sweet Home Alabama last week.

We had a low-key afternoon at Dad's house on Thursday, highlighted by homemade hamburgers on the charcoal grill.  YUM!!!

We left bright and early on Friday morning and headed south to meet my BFF and her sweet baby girl for a mid-morning snack at the most amazing German bakery.  (We met there this time last year, and we've all been thinking about it since!)

Miss A is about 15 months younger than A&B, but the last couple of times we've been together, the girlies have played so well.  Miss A is something special...she's so incredibly engaging and spirited, and our girls think she's just amazing.

Playing with Wiki Sticks before our food got there...the girls all had a blast making animals and letters.

I asked all the girls to pile up their hands...LOVE!!!

A group shot before we left...4 of 5 looking towards the camera ain't bad!

Miss A looks like she's asking for help outside of the sandwich hug she was getting from the girls...I promise no children were harmed during the taking of this picture!

From the bakery we headed north to GG's house.  We had a fantastic holiday meal with all the trimmings (as if we needed to eat any more!), and then we shared some presents and lots of hugs.

One of my favorite pictures!  When the girls get a little unsure of a situation, they often reach for each other.  :)  :)

With Great Uncle Tommy and Aunt Janet

Goodbye kisses for GG

After a well-deserved nap in the car for three of the four of us (excluding me!), we returned to Dad's house.

Granddaddy got the girls trucks, and those were a big hit with all three of them!

Piggy banks!  The girls weren't quite sure of the concept, though...I think A wanted to ride hers!

Saturday morning snuggles with Granddaddy and Emme.  (Note that A has two baby dolls...those live in Emme's toy cabinet, but the girls take such good care of them when they're there.)

Our last stop was Grandma Linda's house.  The girls were met with fun playthings, and we had a wonderfully relaxed lunch before heading back home.

All in all, it was a great trip.  We got to see most of our friends and family, and best of all, the girls enjoyed it all. 

We were last in Alabama over Labor Day, and Hubby and I kept remarking how much the girls have changed, just since then.  They ate well, and slept well (!!!), and played really well, too.  It hasn't been that long ago that I felt like I had to keep my hands on them every single second, especially in non-baby-proofed environments.  This visit, though, was relatively relaxing for everyone!

On a housekeeping note, this trip was the first that I basically traveled with only clothes and toiletries.  I had a banana in my purse (in case we had to stop somewhere along the way), and a few kiwi that wouldn't have lasted until we got back home, but otherwise I didn't take any preparations.  I didn't take special cups, or utensils, and of course there were no strollers, high chairs, or pack-n-plays.  (And thank goodness for that...there's no way we could have fit the gifts in the car with anything else!)

Dare I say things are getting easier???  KNOCK ON WOOD.  ;)


Beth said...

Oh, there really is no place like home for the holidays!

I absolutely love that picture of the girls. Siblings (especially twins) are such a special gift. Always having someone by your side. Just beautiful!

And yes, I'm afraid to say it out loud, but traveling without an entire van load of accessories (we even used a uhaul for our first vacation with the quads) is very nice. In some ways, this gig may be getting easier (just don't let the kids know!)

So glas you guys had a merry christmas!!

championm2000 said...

I love holiday pictures! What stands out the most to me is the love...the hugs and smiles that are the outward expressions of what we feel with our hearts!

And, yay, for traveling light!

Mandy said...

Knocking extra hard for things getting and staying easier! I love how your holiday is slowly stretched out, not a crazy mass of travels over one day.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE all the family pics with the girls and especially the pig pic! :)

I also love how you stretch things out....... to full enjoyment.

This beach trip will be a test for us as to how light we can go. I want to make REALLY good lists so we can just buy all the stuff we need and I'm limiting the kids to one bag of toys each (small)

I'm kind of desperate to get back to my pre-kids lightness of travel state :)