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October 6, 2012

Trip and Fall, Part I

Daddy and the girls were all on Fall Break this past week. Out of the blue, Hubby suggested we take a little trip...and within a couple of days we were all booked for Cincinnati.

(Allow me to pause here to say KUDOS to Hubby on the spontaneity...AND how thankful I am that the girls are [relatively] easy to travel with these days...hallelujah!!!)

Cincinnati is just over a three-hour drive from our house, so it was a very easy trip.  We left mid-morning on Tuesday and stopped for lunch close to the halfway point.  We intended to revisit a great restaurant in Louisville, KY, that we'd discovered in April...only to discover it was closed.  Luckily, we found another great restaurant, which will no doubt become a new destination for us.

We got to Cinci mid-afternoon, checked into our hotel, and went to explore the MainStrasse Village area (some beautiful historic buildings, quaint streets, and lots of kind of place!).  We walked around and took lots of pictures...

Surveying the area...
A gorgeous clock tower...and plenty of leaves to crunch!  The girls loved listening to the chiming of the bells every 15 minutes.

B posing nicely, and A taking time to smell the flowers.  I love the German flag way in the background.

Ivy, ivy, everywhere!  (And the girls were captivated by a motorcycle under a tarp...HA!)

The girls looking for their reflections in a puddle...and showing amazing restraint not to splash in said puddle!

One of my faves!  This was in the town square, by a big fountain.
As we walked around, we tried to scout out locals to ask for dinner recommendations.  We settled on Otto's, and it was fantastic.  I had my first filet in months and months and months...deee-lish!!!  Hubby had something pork-related, and the girls enjoyed shrimp and grits. 

We joked that this restaurant probably didn't get many three-year old clients, but I'm very thankful to say our girls minded their manners and ate like little ladies.  Hubby probably made more of a mess than they did...HA!

Here are the girls outside the restaurant, after dinner.

The girls wanted to know why there were "Christmas lights" up already.  :)  And the older ladies there were getting a big kick out of our little sidekicks.
Day 1 of our mini-vacay was a marked success!


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Cutest title for a post ever!

How fun... love all the sweet pictures of your babies. B should wear that color every day. She looks kind of spectacular in it. Love those pretty girls!

Mandy said...

27 points to the hubs! I am totally jealous! Oh how I miss the freedom to take little, SPONTANEOUS trips! I can't wait to see the rest!

cat said...

What a wonderful little trip! Great pictures too and are they not just the cutest

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Love the pics and most of all, the adorable little girls!

Do you hand over the camera to J to take pics with you and the kids, or what is your strategy for that?

Deanna said...

Spontaneous trips are the BEST! Now if only I could convince Jeremy of that... Ha!

I love that next-to-last picture of the girls, with the sun behind them. Gorgeous!

Barbara Manatee said...

what a great spontaneous trip!!! Looks like a blast!