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October 22, 2012

Super Stuff on a Monday

So thankful for the super-fabulous highlights of this week...

1)      I took the girls on Monday for their flu shots.  B’s chin trembled ever-so-slightly when the nurse came to get us, but we didn’t have any tears!  The girls chose one of my favorite cafes for their “reward” lunch, asking if I thought they’d have Brussels sprouts that day.  The girls were in luck…and they ate their sprouts in their entirety before they touched their fruit or their sandwich. 

2)      Tuesday the local fire department paid a visit to the girls’ school.  They were so excited!!!  They helped me make a fall-themed snack mix for the firefighters, and I loved hearing them plan what they were going to do and say.  They both wanted to get to school early to spend as much time with them as possible.  HA!  Baby A wanted to ask if they had a Dalmatian, and B wanted to see their axes.

3)      I asked the girls after school how many firefighters were there.  I wish I’d written down exactly what they said, but it was so funny how they were trying to figure out gender words.  I gathered there were three men and one woman.  They were comfortable saying “firemen”, but they didn’t know how to express “firewoman” (?).  [That’s why I always use the term firefighter!]

4)      I took the girls to Panera on Wednesday morning for our weekly bagel treat.  An older man whom I see in there quite often was behind us in line.  After we placed our order, he stepped in to pay for our snack.  He said what a pleasure it was for him to observe us, and he complimented my parenting style.  That SO made my day!!!

5)      On Wednesday I let the girls wear their Halloween shirts (the same ones from last year…I resisted buying new ones this year…yea, me!).  I got huge pleasure from seeing my ladies in orange and black stripes, and they even wore their super-cute Halloween headbands, at least for an hour or so.  [We might have been stopped an inordinate number of times for people to talk to the girls...but that's OK.]  :)

6)      Our friends M&C turned three on Friday.  I thought it was so cute how focused the girls were on what day was their birthday, and how that related to their birthday party, on Saturday.  A&B were very focused on making cards for them, and they had a fantastic time at their party.

7)      This seems like a little thing, but it makes me so proud…the girls always seem to eat a great meal at M&C’s house.  For the party, there was ham, macaroni and cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Both girls had seconds (and then they had a big piece of cake WITH ice cream).  They slept well that night!

8)      Often during “quiet time”, Baby A will spend some snuggle time with her baby doll Abby.  There’s hardly anything sweeter than hearing her whisper and coo to her baby.

9)      And Baby A also takes good care of B’s doll, Lily.  I can’t help but smile when I see my A with a doll on each hip.

10)   And the quotes of the week…

B: "I put a trapezoid where a rhombus would go, so now I don't need a triangle."

B: Complimenting her sister on her block structure…”That’s a nice chair, Sissy!

B: "Mmmm [with great exaggeration]...this milk tastes like it came from a VERY nice cow!"

B: (apparently on a “cow” kick)…”This is a mommy cow.  I can see her teats!

B: “We’re busy bees, Mommy!

A: "Mmmm...I like this, Mommy! Thank you! It makes my mouth taste good!"

B: "No, Sissy! I want to go to Portugal today!"
A: "OK. But when we get out of the plane I want to get in the car so we can go a little farther."

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Barbara Manatee said...

I am hoping our flu shots go as well as yours did....I'm taking all 3 tomorrow. Sarah figured it out already today and is already nervous! :-(

Yeah for the compliment (and the gentleman paying) at Panera! We took the kids out to eat the other night and an older woman took the time to stop by and compliment our 3 on their very good behavior, too! Proud Mama!!!

So cute hearing about your sweet girl cooing to her baby dolls. Almost daily, Adam and I stop in the baby room at the daycare to visit my BFF's baby. I LOVe watching him talk to her, kiss on her and notice the little things. :-)