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October 20, 2012

I Have a Certain Weakness for Pumpkins...

I stopped by Julia's blog, as I do every Saturday, to check out her awesome "Mama Loves" link-up.  This week she's talking about how much she loves everything "pumpkin".

I definitely have a weakness for the big orange's the true essence of fall in my book.  I love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin gingerbread, pumpkin spice muffins, and I even made pumpkin spice rice krispy treats last week...not too bad!

But my very favorite thing about pumpkins -- realized over the past few years -- is taking my babies' pictures in their midst.

When I realized this was the exact anniversary (the third weekend in October, also known as the culmination of "Hate Week", the always-anticipated Alabama-Tennessee game) of our first trip to our local orchard and pumpkin patch as a family of four...I just had to join in Julia's link-up.

Thanks for the invitation to the trip down Memory Lane, Julia!  This is one of my favorite spots, for sure!

2009: A and B, 9 1/2 months old
[Side note...what made me remember this exact week was that I inadvertently wore an orange sweater to the orchard.  It was fitting in light of the the orange pumpkins...but I felt like a traitor wearing "Tennessee" colors.  HA!]

2010: A (standing) and B (sitting), 21 months old

2011: B and A, 2 3/4 years old

2012: A and B, 3 3/4 years old

2012: A and B, 3 3/4 years old
Yes, I love pumpkins...and I love this tradition!


Julia said...

Yay! Something lovely during "hate week" Ha! :)

I'm such a sucker for those comparison photos---it's so fun to look back and see how much has changed since the last time you surrounded yourself with that delicious orange fruit :) or trip to the orchard, or played in the snow, or picked mottoes---ha. I can make almost anything a comparison photo op :)

Pumpkin spice rice krispy treats....I'm intrigued. Will I find that on Pinterest?

championm2000 said...

What's cuter than twins? Twins with pumkINS! hahaha (sorry)

You and Julia have inspired me to plan a trip to the pumpkin field and to dig out the old pumpkin photos (after I get a pumpkin latte, of course)!

championm2000 said...


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Me too! Your cuties are making me feel restless to get to a pumpkin patch... we still haven't gone yet this year!

cat said...

Oh these are so cute and great to see them growing bigger and bigger every year. Sadly no such tradition here but I love the look of pumkins

Marcia (123 blog) said...

So my mother is a very "boring" cook as far as veggies are concerned and I grew up with pumpkin cooked as is, no sugar or butter or anything.

I hated it.

The first time I ate at D's mother she had pumpkin and I was "oh no pumpkin for me thanks, I don't eat it". She totally bulldozed me and said, "that's because you haven't had MY pumpkin" and since I didn't want to annoy the BF's mother, I had some and true as Bob (do you say this?) it was DELICIOUS. And from that day I started eating pumpkin again.

So yes, I love it with cinnamon and sugar - mmmmmmm. And in muffins. Double mmmmmm. Actually I think we'll make some this afternoon.

I love the progression pics of A & B. I'm most pleased with myself because I can pick them apart without looking at the labels! :) :)

Louisa said...

I think that's a lovely tradition - and they look so cute with all those pumpkins!

Double the Giggles said...

Just look at your girls growing! Such beautiful little ladies. I, too am a sucker for all things fall. It's my favorite season. My dislike for eating pumpkin anytihng is made up for by an insane love for apple pie. Tis the season!

Barbara Manatee said...

I just love Fall too and all the fun that comes with it! Yearly pumpkin patch visits are a must...and a great way to chronicle the years come and gone!