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October 15, 2012

Super Stuff on a Monday

I can’t believe how quickly the time passes these days.  The girls are only in preschool two mornings a week, but it seems like it’s every other day…and as soon as one weekend passes, another one is upon us.

I’m thankful I’ve been able to keep up this weekly snapshot…what started out as “Fab 5 Friday”…since February 2010!  I love looking back at the little things that made our week super-fabulous.

1)      Baby B was “cooking” in her kitchen one morning.  She was making do with the plastic foods she had on hand.  I heard her say, “And I’m going to pretend this artichoke is a radish.”  Life can be tough…you’ve gotta improvise!

2)      I’ve caught B a couple of times, holding a plastic baby bottle in her hand, her finger atop the nipple.  She was pretending to spray (clean) her dolls’ high chairs.  That’s my girl!

3)      For a long time now, the girls have been shortening words.  A pony tail holder is a “pone”…dominoes are “doms”…and I couldn’t help but smile when Baby A saw her beloved monkey pajamas in the dryer:  Hey, monkey pajams!” she said.

4)      Baby B has been calling me “my mommy” lately…as in, “Hey, my mommy!  I love you, my mommy! 

5)      Tuesday was a beautiful day, and I emailed Daddy to tell him we were going to the park after naptime.  He was able to meet us after school, and it was the best afternoon!  We ran on the soccer fields, held jumping contests, and of course enjoyed the playground.  Such fantastic family time!

6)      About once a week the girls and I have an “errand morning”.  Wednesday was that day this week.  We did a couple of things, and then stopped at Panera for a mid-morning snack.  It’s total bliss for me to split a bagel with them and chat while they enjoy their milk, and I enjoy my coffee.  Bliss!!!

7)      Wednesday afternoon the girls and I went on a walk through the neighborhood on a mission: collect colorful fall leaves.  They had so much fun traipsing through the edges of our neighbors’ lawns, in search of the biggest and brightest leaves.  The girls were SO proud of their bags full of leaves!  And I was so proud how they helped each other…they would often search to find two leaves of whatever kind, one for each of them. 

8)      Thursday was picture day at the girls’ school.  I gave them a choice of what to wear, and they both wanted to wear a dress.  As I put them in their tights, I told them they would pull them up, just like leggings, but if they needed help after the potty, they could ask their teacher.  They were both so proud to tell me after school – first thing! – that they pulled up their tights by themselves.  It’s the little things.  :)

9)      Friday morning I planned to make stuffed eggs.  I told the girls they could help me, thinking they would stir the yolk mixture.  On a whim, I decided to see if they could peel the eggs, too.  I was amazed!!!  I cracked the shells, and they were instantaneous masters!!!  Baby A peeled two, I think, and Baby B peeled FOUR! 

10)   Miss Jenny was here on Friday afternoon.  I emailed her and told her I would leave a stack of art supplies on the counter if she wanted to explore them with the girls.  When I got home after running a couple of errands, she said the girls were surprised, and then thrilled to color.  We don’t usually color in the afternoons!” she said they exclaimed.  HA!  I didn’t realize they viewed coloring as a “morning” activity.

 11)   On Saturday Alabama was playing mid-afternoon.  The game had just started as we came home from the botanical gardens.  The girls don’t watch any TV, save for 10 or 15 minutes of soccer with their daddy about once a week, and I’d never let them watch football.  I decided it was time for a little lesson.  They watched one offensive possession, and one defensive.  I can’t say they were smitten with it, but they were content to sit with me for those 10 minutes while I explained what was happening.  And this mama was in heaven!

12)   And the funniest line of the week?  B was pushing buttons one afternoon.  Daddy finally said, “Before you do something, ask yourself, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’”  B immediately replied, “Myself says yes!  I COULD NOT keep a straight face!!!


cat said...

Ohgosh that's cute! I would also totally find myself laughing.

Lots of lovely little bits here - growing up way way too fast.

Barbara Manatee said...

I hear "My mommy" all the time around here from S and A...its true "mommy possession wars" around here at times!

We visited my MIL last weekend and she has a beautiful Sugar Maple. I collected a few leaves before we left and then when we got home, my 3 wanted to try to find every leaf in our own yard...although none compared to those of the Sugar Maple. My 3 were just as happy, proclaiming they were all beautiful! :-)

Jacob told me he wanted to play football when he grows up. The funny thing is, despite LOTS of babseball around here, he's never seen football either! ha! I told him I'd let him watch part of a game soon. I'm guessing he won't like it once he sees what's all involved! ha!

Mrs FF said...

I wonder if "myself" will ever say no!!! That's too darn cute. Yep, I'll probably also just burst out laughing with that response ;)