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October 13, 2012

Seeing RED at the Botanical Gardens

Today was forecasted to be an absolutely gorgeous fall day, and we decided this morning it was a great day to visit the botanical gardens.

The grounds there are beautiful in any weather, and this month they have 40 scarecrows designed by different artists also adorning the gardens.  There's also an outdoor model train exhibit right now, and that just has our names written all over it.

More pictures to come, but I wanted to quickly link up a couple of "RED" pictures with Marcia's photography link-up.

If you're an actual photographer, please don't judge too harshly!  :)  Big thanks to Marcia (and Mandy, too!) for inspiring me to turn off my Auto Focus.

Bee on a RED flower.  (I edged my way right alongside an actual photographer to take this pic!)

RED berries.

Baby A found a RED leaf, and she was very proud to show it to me.
We had a great day, and it was fun to challenge myself a bit to see RED, too.


Mrs FF said...

Ahhh gorgeous berries and a proud baby who knows her colors ;)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Beautiful red of autumn!!!! I love it!!!!

Mandy said...

No flash?! Manual?! It can't be you! LOL We'll have you editing in no time!

The ladies are loving fall, I see yours are too! Do you guys collect berries from the dogwoods, and every other tree, bush, and shrub?? We collect just about everything and there is a slowly growing pile of discarded "nature" to the side of the front porch!

Anonymous said...

mandy, you ARE a photographer! :) these are great!!!