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October 17, 2012

A MUCH Anticipated School Day, and Goodies, to Boot!

I thought about keeping it a secret from the girls...but I just couldn't resist telling them over the weekend that they would be joined at school on Tuesday by FIREFIGHTERS!  I did hold off until yesterday morning to divulge that they would also get to see a FIRE TRUCK, up close and personal.

The girls were BEYOND excited for the day.

They've both been fascinated by firefighters for a long time now.  We have quite a few books about firefighters, "Fred the Firefighter" being one of B's all-time favorites.  She memorized every word in that book (and it's not short!) in less than a week.

The girls were interested in exactly how their day would go.  They asked to get to school early so they could have plenty of time with the firefighters.  HA!  Baby A said she wanted to ask if they have a dalmatian.  B said she would ask to see their axes.

The teacher sent home a note, saying that it's tradition to send the firefighters back to the station with a box of homemade goodies.  To accompany the pumpkin gingerbread I made, I let the girls help me with a couple of other goodie items.

We assembled a fall-themed snack mix.  The girls measured 1 cup each of pretzels, Cheeze-Its, party peanuts, and honey Cheerios.  They added a small bag of candy corn, and a bag (minus a handful [ahem]) of Reese's Mini's.  They loved dumping everything into a bowl and mixing it up.  They they held open the cellophane bags while I spooned in the goodies.

I love the way these look, tied with orange and black ribbon.

I've been itching to do a candy-themed message, seeing so many cute ideas on Pinterest.  I bought some gum and mints, and we put this together.

Baby A drew a fire truck to complete the gift tag.

...Extra gum and Mentos mints...

I SO wanted to ask if I could come take pictures of the kids with the fire truck.  I showed amazing restraint -- if I do say so myself! -- in resisting, though.

When I got to school to pick up the girls, one of the teachers was in the hall hanging some new artwork.  She was tickled to tell me what B had said.  As one of the firefighters was demonstrating the gear, he put on his face mask.  He asked if anyone knew what it was.  Speaking up for the three- and four-year old classes, B volunteered, "It's a breathing apparatus!"  (That's a part of the Fred the Firefighter book.)  Ms. G told me the fire chief laughed, "I'll take her for two of my rookies!"  HA!

The girls were so excited to tell me about the firefighters -- three men and one woman.  They got to see their gear, and climb on the fire truck.    

I think firefighters are a pretty amazing bunch.  They put their lives on the line to protect our communities...and they always seem to make time to spend in the communities, promoting such awesome goodwill.  I know this will be a day our girls will remember for a long, long time.


Trish said...

I love that your B knew what a breathing apparatus was (and called it that!!). My Papa was a firefighter for over 30 years and retired as chief, so I was a tad disappointed when we went to a birthday party at a firestation and my girls weren't having any of it! I think the loud noises and strange equipment was scary to them. I need to pick up the Fred the Firefighter book!

Barbara Manatee said...

Firefighters are True Heroes!! My brother is one as is my SIL. My kids love to visit their station when we are in town.

I love the snack mix, too. Adam has to take a treat in on Monday...I think I'll be putting something together like this that he can help make this weekend!

Louisa said...

Firefighters...definitely swoon worthy men in uniform as far as I'm concerned.

Wow, how cool that they come out to their school for a visit. And how clever of your girls to know the names of the equipment like that!

cat said...

Wonderful educational morning and great treats you guys made

Deanna said...

How sweet that they were so excited to meet the firemen! Isn't it awesome seeing them experience these new things for the first time? I love this age where they finally understand the concept of looking forward to things, etc. Does that make any sense?

When we have our zoo date, I'll have Jeremy bring police badges for A & B! : )

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I loooooovvvveeeee your snack packs!!!!! Maybe I should do that for Christmas?

Mandy darling, please make your pics a little bigger. What size do you normally use?

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Everything in your post is adorable-- especially B's comment!

Mrs FF said...

WOW, breathing apparatus ;) mama's definitely doing a good job.

The packs are very nice and thoughtful