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July 1, 2012

Views from the Gardens

Last week we made our first trip to the botanical gardens.  It was such a fantastic day!  Admittedly, we were probably the furthest thing from botanists...we didn't exactly pause to take note of the genus and species of each flower, bush, and tree...but we had a great time tromping around the grounds.

This summer there are seven treehouses on exhibit throughout the gardens.  In addition to the amazing landscaping and lush sculpture hike, the girls were so excited to explore the treehouses.

I had hoped to get some really gorgeous pictures of the girls.  I dressed them in these delicate white tops, thinking it would be a great contrast to the colors in the garden.

The girls had other plans, though.  The didn't cooperate for even one posed picture.  At least you can tell they were interested in their surroundings...almost every picture I have is of the backs of their heads!  ;)

The first treehouse we saw...a relatively traditional one, a nod to Henry David Thoreau.  The girls (and Daddy) were itching to explore it.

Checking out a "wishing pond"...

We spotted a spiderweb that was full of dew.  Just like in one of our books, it truly looked like a web of diamonds!

Another "wishing well"...the girls were *almost* tall enough to see in.  (I love the tippy-toes!!!)

This was indicative of Baby A's look most of the day.  She was just taking it all in, I guess.  Still, I love her eyes in this picture.

On the sculpture trail, the girls were both in love with these smaller statues.  Here is B, "beeping the nose" of a frog.

And here is Baby A, squaring off with a lion.  Doesn't she look fierce?!!!

I love this shot of Baby A "in flight".  If she sees a step, she *has* to jump off it!

I didn't take many pictures of "things", but I had to capture my favorite enormous fish with CDs for scales! 

I told the girls that they would get to play in the treehouses.  We climbed in all of them, but this last one was really the only one with something they considered "playing"...a slide.  It was a great end to our botanical adventure!

We bought a membership to the garden, and I'm already looking forward to their scarecrow displays in October, and a number of Christmas activities in December.  This is definitely right up our alley!


Johanna Baker said...

Too much cuteness here to comment on it all! I love the flying picture too, and I'd been waiting to see the wishing well pictures since you posted the tiptoe one on Facebook. Fun to see it in context. :)

We also have a membership to our arboretum - it is one of my favorite backdrops for photos. :)

And, I love that your girls 'beep noses'. So do mine.

Charlene said...

They are adorable!! I actually love the pics with their backs cute! Glad you had fun!

Julia said...

Love the "web of diamonds"---isn't is wonderful when a connection can be made between books and what you see in real life?! I love doing that with the girls. It makes them THAT much more excited about the book, and about exploring the world around them.

All of this looks like a wonderful adventure! What fun! We have a botanical garden here that boasts a children's area similar to what you have, I think. It's on our list for this summer (once it cools off a bit).

Cecilia said...

Those pictures were great! Looks like y'all have a great botanical garden there. I was going to suggest the Botanical garden here in Memphis if y'all come back. It's gorgeous.

Mandy said...

I raced to this post because I saw the title and the picture of the first tree house and immediately thought it was your backyard! LOL! I was green with envy for a second!!

Sounds like you had a great time none the less. I've noticed a lot of my pictures are of the girls from the side because they just won't turn.

cat said...

Looks like a fantastic time out

Barbara Manatee said...

This looks like such a great visit!! Love the tree houses and all the pictures of the girls' heads :-) The one of them peering over the well is priceless. Love the one of A's beautiful big eyes, too! And squaring off with the Lion! Precious! :-)

I need to plan a visit to one of our children's gardens not too far from here soon!