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July 2, 2012

We Love Dragonflies - {CRAFT}

Ever since I had to do a bug collection for tenth grade biology (yes, seriously...and I won first place!), I have had a special appreciation for dragonflies.  I think their wings are just amazing, their colors so beautiful, and they dance so tantalizingly.

Every time we go to a park or to our beloved orchard, we look for dragonflies around the ponds and lakes.  The girls get just as excited as I do to spot one.

I have been having so much fun with contact paper crafts lately, but when I've used wax paper of late, I've been thinking about something I could do with it.

I finally cooked up a plan to make dragonflies, using wax paper, craft sticks, and pom poms.

First, I drew the outline of dragonfly wings with glue on a piece of wax paper.  The girls completely filled in the outline with glue (with a little help).  We pressed a second sheet of wax paper on top of that and let it dry.  I then cut out the wings.

We measured our craft stick and determined that we would need six large pom poms to fill it.  I let the girls sort through our stash for the right sizes and the colors they wanted.

We glued our our wings to our craft stick.

On top of the wings we glued our pom poms.

And here they are...our two beautiful dragonflies!

I put magnets on the back, and they now adorn our 'fridge.  Perhaps we'll use them to pin up a picture from the orchard.  :)

I'm linking up with Charlene at Adventures-in-Mommy-Land for "Hey, Mom! Look What I Did!"  She features lots of fun crafts and educational ideas every week...thanks for the inspiration, Charlene!


Deanna said...

Very cute! I wore a dragonfly necklace last week, and my girls have been talking about dragonflies ever since. We may have to try this one!

Cecilia said...

What a cute craft! Definitely trying this.

Julia said...

I totally had to do a bug collection in 7th grade! :) It wasn't a contest, but it was due the first day of school in 7th grade (we'd had the summer to work on it). I got an A on mine :)

I love this craft! And...I think we have everything we need. Now if I can just dig it all out of storage :)

James said...

I'm stealing this.

Charlene said...

Adorable!! Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!

Barbara Manatee said...

These are SO cute!!!! My Sarah would LOVE this!