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July 8, 2012

Super Stuff on a Sunday

A few snippets of what made our week super-fabulous!

1)      One morning we came downstairs to realize that the girls hadn’t put their baby dolls to bed in a very orderly fashion.  Baby A exclaimed, “Abby was sleeping upside down!  And B piped right in, Just like a bat!  I just thought it was so neat how instantaneously she called that tidbit into conversation.

2)      Our new game this week is counting syllables.  One day B started enunciating, “Gold – ee—locks – and – the – Three – Bears,” while she put up a finger for each sound.  I told her those were syllables, and I gave her a few examples.  Baby A soon joined in on the action, and they’ve been at it all week.  The funny thing is when they try to “Southern-ize” a one-syllable word into more syllables to count.  ;)

3)      The girls picked a downtown restaurant for lunch on Saturday.  We ordered our usual appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip.  It was so cool to watch Baby A nonchalantly use one chip to pile dip on another…those fine motor skills can be pretty precise when cheesy goodness is at stake!

4)      On Wednesday morning, I asked Daddy to help with a craft.  He didn’t exactly come running, but it was so sweet to see him encouraging Baby B.  She loved it, and I’m pretty sure he did, too.

5)      On Monday I took the girls to the park by myself.  I'm always amazed at their new skills sets, seemingly every visit, and they were incredibly well-behaved!  We had the playground completely to ourselves, which was really nice.  We all ran and played, and walked a big lap around the park, as well, to try to glimpse some cows.  I packed a snack, and I was amazed to watch Baby A drink an entire 8-oz. bottle of water, too!

6)      I love listening to the girls pretend to make phone calls.  They most often call the doctor to report one of their baby dolls isn’t feeling well.  It truly sounds like a one-sided conversation.  And one morning we didn’t see our resident bunnies in the backyard.  Baby B said she would call the bunnies.  She dialed her phone, and I heard her confirming the spelling of our last name.  I guess she was being specific about who was requesting the bunnies’ presence.  HA!

7)      On Wednesday afternoon we went for ice cream at Scoops, a place we used to frequent, but haven’t visited much at all since our beloved yogurt shop opened almost two years ago.  It was such a nice treat to see the girls there…and remember that was the very first place we took the girls when they were infants.  We all just sat in the car, the girls asleep in their carriers, but I remember the amazing feeling it was to go for ice cream as a family of four.

8)      On Thursday we took the girls to a new bouncy house.  I love seeing the HUGE smiles on their faces when they ran and bounced and came down the slide…and I couldn’t help but laugh at the downright dirty looks they gave the creepy clown who was making balloon animals.

9)      We made a quick trip to Old Navy on Thursday afternoon, and the girls were given balloons on sticks.  Daddy took the sticks off when we got home, and the girls have enjoyed hours of fun batting those balloons around.  Simple pleasures, for sure!

10)   One morning B came running up to me and said wish great urgency, “Mommy, I need help with my left nostril!  I love how specific she was.

11)   We have a little piano that has one octave of keys with the names of the notes labeled.  For a long time the girls have asked why the letters are out of order…but a few times this week, B has pressed each key, said the name of the note, sorta-kinda on tone.  You’d better believe I wrote it down as the first time she sang a scale!

12)   We went to a birthday party on Saturday morning for a precious one-year old baby girl.  A and B had a great time playing and eating.  When we got in the car, I asked them what their favorite thing was about the party.  They both responded, “Seeing Baby Allie.”  Awwww!!!


Johanna Baker said...

Such sweet, smart, happy little girls! I so hope we get to meet them someday. :)

cat said...

I just love the little everyday updates. and my yes, milestones all the way

Anonymous said...

your twins are so cute, isn't it a blessing watching them together, take care xxx