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July 29, 2012

Songs That Make Us Sing

So I mentioned last week that I finally downloaded iTunes.  Hello, 2001!

My reason for finally getting myself in gear is that I wanted to make the girls a CD (or mixed tape, as I may have called it) for our trip to North Carolina.

About once a week we dial up youtube and show the girls some music videos.  The girls have developed quite a play list of favorites, songs they request by name or artist, or sometimes by the theme of the video.

At some point during Day 1, the girls started getting a little antsy in the car.  I told them I had a big surprise, and they were very excited to learn what it was.

We popped in their new CD, and they were enthralled!  (I think they thought those songs were only available through the computer, or something!)

We listened to the CD probably five or six times during the trip.  It definitely worked its intended magic, giving the girls something to focus on in the car.

And over the course of the trip, they nailed down quite a few more lyrics...or at least what they think are the lyrics.  :)

So what's on the girls' playlist?  I'm proud to say I think it's a pretty eclectic mix...

Andy Grammer, "Fine by Me" -- I just like the beat.

Andy Kim, "Rock Me Gently" -- I sing the chorus when they're in the rocking chair at night.

Beatles, "Here Comes the Sun" -- I sing the chorus every morning when I turn on the light in their room.

Bruno Mars, "Just the Way You Are" -- I think it's a beautiful message.

CCR, "Down on the Corner" -- one of Daddy's faves.  And it's so funny to hear the girls try to sing it!

Elton John, "Your Song" -- I love the piano, and we just think it's a great classic ballad.

Hot Chelle Rae, "Tonight, Tonight" -- I just like the beat.  (And I hope the girls don't pick up on too many of the lyrics!)

"Kalinka", Russian folk song -- I've been singing this to the girls since they were tiny, and they can sing the first stanza with gusto!

Three Dog Night, "Celebrate" -- I sing this at random, and the girls know the chorus.

Train, "Hey, Soul Sister" -- I started calling the girls "soul sisters", and this song is just the perfect fit...they know almost all the words!

I'm linking up (a day late) with Awesome-Sauce Ginger at (Not) Just Another Mom of Twins for her "Songs that Make Us Sing Saturdays".

No matter the tune, I love to hear my girlies singing!


Cecilia said...

So funny, "Just the way you are" and "Hey soul sister" have always reminded me of my girls!

Rebecca Burton said...

Your "mix tape" contains quite a few of my favorite songs!

Barbara Manatee said...

I'm still amazed at how many songs my kids pick up from just listening to the radio in the car on things they hear me play on Pandora or my phone's mp3 player. I finally made a play list on my phone of their favorite songs from my play lists and Jacob will often ask to listen to "our songs on your phone" :-)

One of Jacob's favorites is also Hey Soul Sister! For the life of me though, I can't think of the other ones! ha! (and I'm too lazy to get up and go to the other room to get my phone...ha!)