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July 13, 2012

Deja Vu Daddy

We celebrated Daddy's birthday on Sunday.  He enjoyed a big breakfast of banana bread pancakes, lunch on the town, homemade cheesecake with fresh blueberry topping mid-afternoon, and one of his favorite meals - Cajun jambalaya - for supper.

On the way to lunch, I wanted to get some pictures of the girls in their new dresses.  They posed on the front steps, and then with Daddy.  I also snapped a few pictures of them walking down the sidewalk, hand in hand.

As soon as I saw the pictures, I was reminded of similar pictures we took last summer, the girls in new dresses, heading to an early supper to celebrate the beginning of Daddy's vacation.

When I dug through the archives to find the comparison, I couldn't help but laugh.

Isn't it sweet to see how the girls have grown...but Daddy is wearing the exact same shirt???  HA! 

(He's rotten about not cycling through his closet...wearing the same few shirts / shorts / pants.  Now I have proof!!!  And over the course of a full year, at that!!!)

Hmmm...Hubby knows I'm a sucker for comparison pictures.  Maybe he was just doing his part to hold all other variables?  ;)


Deanna said...

Soooo cute! Jeremy wears the same few shirts all the time too...always blue, it seems!

Johanna Baker said...

Ha! Love that. At least his shorts and shoes have changed. :)

cat said...

Great comparison! And that would be our daddy too

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. b does that, too. sometimes i try to change the order in is drawers or closet!! :)

Trish said...

My hubby still wears some of the same shirts from high school...and we are 33. No lie! I love the comparison pictues, by the way! I need to do more of those!

Mandy said...

Mine is the SAME WAY! It drives me batty. At the start of the summer I bought him 12 new shirts. He has worn one, and today is wearing one with a hole in it! Ugh, menfolk!

Back to birthday crafting!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

That is hysterical! You should do the same photo every year. I'm sure your girls will get a huge kick out of it when they are older.

Barbara Manatee said...

awwww! That's so sweet to see such similar photos! You should try to keep that going and do a timeline as they grow! :-)

Cecilia said...

I've been begging my hubby to clean out his closet for months now. I'm about to take matters into my own hands!