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July 27, 2012

Just a Few More... from our's hard for this mama to pare them down!

Here are Daddy and the girls grooving to "My Girl", as played by a little ensemble in Charlotte's Centre City.  (This is Daddy's signature "dancing" face.)

The girls love fountains...and this one elicited a genuine smile from Baby A!

This picture of A just cracks me up, as she was cheesing at dinner.

Here is Baby B, proud as punch to be sitting on a cool red mesh chair outside the children's museum.

And inside the museum, the girls had so much fun!  I was so amazed that B went right up and climbed into the "vacuum chair".  She was slightly apprehensive when she realized the gate had to be closed for the chair to operate, but she was mostly all smiles. 

Here's B in the pulley chair.  I keep laughing at her stance...she looks like a natural-born rappeller to me!

Baby A took her turn in the vacuum chair.  I love the look on her face!

And Baby A became so intense at building this little "vehicle" and racing it down the incline.  She just elbowed her way in with the bigger kids and made herself at home. 

And I just had to post one more picture of the girls walking hand-in-hand (this one courtesy of Mandy)...definitely one of the big highlights of the whole trip for me.  :)  [And I also love seeing the hubbies chatting in the background.]

After several short trips this summer, we don't have anything planned for a while...and I think that's a good thing.  We had SO much fun on each of our adventures, but we're thankful to be settling back into our daily routine.


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Looks like tons of fun...I love all the pics!!

Happy Weekend!

Beth said...

They are getting so grown up!

Great pictures. I love the last one. Girlfriends are great, but it is perfect when your kids and hubbies get along as well :-)