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May 3, 2012

Not "Double Trouble", but Definitely Double the Mess!

Like most twin mamas, I wince at the term “double trouble”.  But while I wouldn’t want it to be pointed out to me during every trip to the grocery store, I have decided that our girls are guilty of creating double the mess.

In theory, I would like for my girls to take out the toy that they want to play with…engage in said play…and then put that toy up before taking something else out.

That’s a pretty far stretch from what happens most days, though…

Baby A might start playing with blocks.  Sounds great! 

And Baby B might start cooking in her kitchen.  Perfect!

But before you know it, they’re melding their pretend scenarios into a whirlwind of activities…blocks, play food, babies and animals, pillows, blankets, and books…oh, my!

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, after the girls had gone down for their nap.  [In theory we also clean up our toys after lunch, but that doesn’t always happen, either.]

I can’t remember all the particulars, but I know the plaid blanket was an ocean for the dolphins, the pillows were beds at a hotel, and the baby dolls were taking a bath in the bins that the blocks were in, after they'd gone for a swim.  The girls had been cooking in their chef’s hats and aprons.  And what would a day be without some structure-building and book-reading, too.  It seems only the train set didn’t see action that morning...but that probably happened in the afternoon.

I really love sitting back and watching our girls build off each others’ ideas.  The interaction is nothing short of amazing, and I love seeing them take their play to new levels every day.

But boy, it sure does make a mess!

Oh, well...I console myself by saying it's the price of challenging their imaginations.  And, when we break to clean up, it's like a whole new slate for a fresh round of play.

[If you look closely, you’ll see our sweet kitty Sasha checking out the morning’s spoils.  I also get a big kick out of seeing her navigate the ocean / hotel / birthday party / library when they're safely out of sight.  And she has quite an affinity for the girls’ play tent!]


cat said...

Oh I know! We are at the age where I expect themto tidy up, but encouragement is often needed

Johanna Baker said...

I have the same problem! I always tell them they can only have one thing out and then put it away before getting out the next thing... but like yours, they blend lots of their toys (and imaginations) together for one big game of pretend... who can stifle that? :) Thank goodness the play room is upstairs, so I can pretend that my house is clean. ;)

Anonymous said...

catching up after a month of craziness.

uhm...i would argue that it creates MORE than double the mess sometimes!! :) i'm like you, though, i try to get them to clean up their mess before moving onto something else. when b watches them i will sometimes come home and find a complete disaster and i get palpitations upon walking in the door! :)

but we want them to use their imagination and play with toys, right? i suppose we could just put them in front of the TV and they would probably not make much of a mess at all! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL Mandy, here's where I lose it completely.

My kids HAVE to tidy (their version) before we eat, bath or leave the house.

I love the "creating" but I love the clean up even more.