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May 25, 2012

Fab 6 Friday!

In addition to all the fun things we did this week…

·         Hiking on Saturday
·         Planting flowers on Sunday
·         The girls enjoying their new playhouse
·         Visiting the girls’ preschool on Monday (and seeing them so excited!)
·         Eating a snack downtown at our favorite coffee shop
·         Going to the post office and waiting nicely in line
·         Enjoying Daddy’s day off on Tuesday
·         Going to the park, just the three of us…woo hoo!!!
·         Going with “Grandma” June for yogurt on Wednesday afternoon
·         Visiting Daddy’s school on Thursday morning and behaving super well through lunch

…we had a fabulous week in many other respects, too!

1)      Several times this week I’ve observed the girls “teaching” their baby dolls…looking out the window, pointing things out…”Do you see the tree?  Isn’t it beautiful!  Look at the green leaves!”…reading books to them…pointing out colors and letters and shapes.  It is so stinkin’ sweet.

2)      One morning the girls told me their babies each had a rash.  I advised them to give their babies a cool bath and then use some cream on their rashes.  They pretended to bathe their dolls, and then they spread out on the floor with the CREAM PITCHER from their tea set, pretending to smear something on their dolls’ tummies.  HA!

3)      A couple of days ago, Baby B fell off the kitchen chair.  She cried a true cry (more than just to get attention).  Baby A got there a second before I did.  She kneeled on the floor beside B and held her head to her chest…just like I do when I comfort the girls.  Be still my heart!

4)      Over lunch on Thursday, I asked the girls what books they wanted to read when we got home.  My suggestion is ‘Little Bear’s New Friend’,” said B.  Then A said, “I want to read the one about the boy going to school.”  I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.  I guessed at a couple of books that talk about school, but that wasn’t what she meant.  She wants to read ‘Mulberry Street’,” B finally interpreted.  (The very back story is about a kid walking to school, but I certainly don’t think about it being a “school” book.  I just thought it was so cool that B knew exactly what A was talking about.)

5)      B was explaining something to me one morning, and I knew she was talking about our friend Abby.  Instead, though, she said the name of another friend, Allie.  Allie?  I asked her.  Ohp!  I misspoke!  she said…and then she picked right up with her story, a mile a minute.

6)      As I was getting ready for bath time on Thursday night, the girls were in the kitchen with Daddy.  It was so fun to listen to huge belly laughs from A and B…AND Daddy…as I was upstairs.  (I came down to find some voracious tickling going on.)

So thankful for fun family adventures and fabulousness all around!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I love how you find FAB in every week!!! Total awesomeness!!

Those little ladies of you are just that...well spoken little ladies...just like Mama!

Happy Friday!

championm2000 said...

They are definitely learning by example!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

Barbara Manatee said...

awww...I love how A comforted B. So sweet!

oh...and just to tease are soon going to have to replace "Baby A&B" with something else...your sweet things are growing up! :-)