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May 18, 2012

Fab 15 Friday (in Bullet Points)

Switching up the format a bit for my Fab Friday post.  No matter how I dice it, I'm so thankful to have so many fabulous things to count!

Stuff That Never Grows Old…

1)      Hearing the girls tell each other, I love you.
2)      Seeing Baby A tuck her baby dolls in for bed…she has a very elaborate system for keeping them cozy, and it so warms my heart.
3)      Eating out for Saturday lunch.  We tried a new restaurant downtown, and – among many other little pleasures – it makes me so proud to see the girls enjoying the new tastes (and shunning the children’s menu).
4)      Joining the girls’ friends for a birthday celebration.
5)      Seeing my shadow flanked by my girlies’, walking through the neighborhood.

New Stuff This Week…

6)      Listening to the girls answer questions with Daddy for the Mother’s Day quiz.  I’m so glad I sneaked around the corner to hear them!
7)      Hearing my girls wish me Happy Mother’s Day!
8)      Making Monkey Munch together as part of my Mother’s Day treat.
9)      Hosting Aunt Shanda for her birthday breakfast on Wednesday.  The girls were so excited to see the festivities.
10)   The girls noting their favorite part of breakfast: B said, “The muffins,” and A said, Aunt Shanda…awwww!
11)   As we were out for a walk one afternoon, we saw a lot of cars parked at one house (seven, the girls counted).  A said, “They probably have some people visiting.”  And B commented, “That’s a good hypothesis.”  Hahaha!
12)   The girls asking me to take their picture before bed one night…a very rare treat, one that this mama was very happy to indulge!
13)   A new outside game, beanbag toss.  The girls have asked to play it every day, and they are so very happy when they score.
14)   At the birthday party, both girls petted the dog.  They LOVE animals, but they are usually too skittish to pet one.  This was a major deal!

And While I Don’t Want to Make a Habit of It…

15)   Baby A had some trouble going to sleep a couple of nights.  She called for me several times.  I finally asked her why she was doing that.  Her reply?  I just love you and I want to see you.  

Amid the inevitable craziness, the fabulousness is what I want to remember.


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Those sure are A LOT of things to be thankful for and make you feel super-tan-fabulous!!!

happy weekend friend!

Heather said...

They do say the cutest things!!! The other day, Tommy said to me as I got him out of his crib, "Mommy, you're so pretty!" So sweet!

Mandy said...

I love how observant kids are at this age, and the things the come out of their darling little mouths are just too cute! Claire was going on and on about how beeeea-utiful a wind up whale was in tar-jay.

I must ask, is this kiddy beanbags or are you fine-tuning their cornhole skills?! LOL!

championm2000 said...

Love all the fabulousness!

Hope you add to the fab this beautiful weekend!

(PS-so impressed with the use of the word "hypothesis"!)

Barbara Manatee said...

Hypothesis?? I'm certain my 5 year olds don't even know that word!! Such smarties!

Yeah for another great week and finding all the little blessings that abound!

PS...I'll be catching up tonight on blogs! Sorry I am so far behind!