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May 23, 2012

A Bit About Me, May Edition

My birthday is February 23.  On the 23rd of each month, I've been sharing a couple of random things about me.  So, for the month of May... 

41) I like fleece pants (and I cannot lie).

[I cannot explain why Sir Mix-A-Lot popped into my head as I was about to extol the virtues of fleece pants…but he did…and for some reason it strikes me as far too funny this morning.  Need.More.Coffee.]

I bought my first pair of fleece pajama pants some time around 1998.  I have since bought many pairs, but I am still true to my original pair, in their ratty pink-with-white-snowflake glory.  It’s those pants I wore my first night home from the hospital after the girls were born, a tiny little piece of comfort food for the soul.   

I wear fleece pants all year ‘round.  I rationalize that’s why we have air conditioning!

42) I haven’t painted my toenails in about eight years.

While I used to enjoy the occasional manicure in high school and college, for some reason I never had a pedicure until I was in my late 20’s.  It was love at first footbath, though, and I don’t think I’ve painted my own toenails since.

I forewent all polish when I was pregnant, but I still continued to get pedicures every couple of weeks.  These days I only make it to the nail salon every four or five weeks, but I maintain it just helps me feel “human”.  I love meeting up with a girlfriend and chatting in side-by-side massage chairs.  And I also love going by myself with a good book.  I usually try to treat myself to a Starbucks afterwards since it’s conveniently on the way home.  Ahhh!

And yes, my polish usually lasts four or five weeks these days.  Flip-flops being my primary footwear will do that for ya!

See you next month!  :)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

teehee, I love it. i would do the same with my hair if I could afford it - such a schlep :)

do you paint the girls' toes too?

And you deserve a MEDAL for still fitting into those pants!

PS flannel's my thing :) I know, very sexy!

Olusola said...

Lemme help you with number 41. Sir Mixalot sang about big booties and there's something about fleece pants that just makes a bootie pop. I totally get why your mind went in that direction. Now

Barbara Manatee said...

Hubby got me a spa gift card for my birthday...I can't wait to use it for a pedi and massage and facial!!!! a priority once school is out! ha!

Till then, my self-done orange will have to do!

Mandy said...

I like fleece for the first 3 wears, and only in the coldest part of winter. Once you get the fleece boogies, or whatever they are called, I'm done. I remember not washing my first college hoodie for forever so I could savor the softness!

Anonymous said...

love these posts :)

i thought at first that you were going to say that you had NO polish on your feet for 8 years! :) i'm with you, though. i don't even OWN polish remover now! haha! my polish is all 10 yrs old and should probably be thrown out!

i'm also trying to picture you in fleece in the dead of summer? yikes. i just get too hot!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I thought of sir-mix-a-lot when i read the title...too funny! I also thought you were gonna say you haven't HAD polish on your toenails for 8 years but I had remembered you saying you like peddies before so I was puzzled...hence why we need to read all the post not just titles...LOL!

Happy Thursday! :)

Amanda said...

I like fleece pants too (I also cannot lie and other brothers can't deny). I just had to pitch a pair I had since senior year of high school. It was a sad sad day.