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April 8, 2012

Thankful for a Cold Spell

While we have so enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather over the past few weeks, I was thankful to have a little "cold" spell these past couple of days... meant seeing my sweet girls in their fleece pj's one more time...

(This picture was not posed. That's Baby A, reading "Fred the Firefighter" to Baby B before breakfast yesterday.)

...and it meant the girls finally had a chance to wear the spring jackets I bought them last year.

(The girls wore Capri pants...primarily because I discovered that their skinny jeans are TOO SHORT...just within the last month! Ack!!!)

Those little housekeeping items out of the way, I'll be very glad to get back to wearing shorts when Mother Nature is ready.


Charlene said...

Love their little jackets!

Barbara Manatee said...

It got a lil too cold around here last week! But this week should be about 'normal' - I can handle that.

SOOO behind on blogs - trying to catch up tonight!

Johanna said...

Precious little babies in their jackets and sun hats! I wish some of that cold would have come here... we just got tornadoes and more heat.

Julia said...

I'm a sucker for sunhats. Love them! And, of course, the girlies holding hands---melt your heart :)

I recently bought the girls four long-sleeved tee shirts, because they'd grown out of all their other sleeved shirts.

I, too, was thinking that they might not get much use with all this hot weather. It was pretty nice to be able to get some wear out of them when the weather got cool.

Of course, I'm excited for things to warm back up again now. We have a frost warning in effect for tonight (ack!). Looks like we'll be covering up a lot of plants! :)