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April 7, 2012

Super Saturday

The super-fabulous highlights from our week...

1) Baby A’s hooded duck towel was in need of replacement, so I bought her a bright green frog towel. At bath time earlier in the week, she was at first concerned she didn’t see her duck…but her face at seeing herself wrapped up as a frog was priceless! She was absolutely beaming, and giggling almost uncontrollably. And her sister just cackled, too.

2) The girls have been pretty insistent on wearing their sunglasses when we go out for walks. What is hysterical to me is seeing them put their glasses on their heads. “This is the way I like them,” A will tell me. I have no idea where they got that from! [wink, wink]

3) On Wednesday, I went to tour the preschool I’m considering for the girls. I asked our sweet neighbor, “Grandma” June, if she would come stay with the girls for an hour. I told them Wednesday morning she was coming, my fingers crossed that they wouldn’t cry. Not only were they not upset, but they both lit up. B exclaimed, “I will introduce my baby dolls to her!

4) To kick off Daddy’s spring break, we went downtown for breakfast on Friday morning, which is a huge treat. Daddy and the girls ate (really well!), and the three of them went for a walk. Aunt Shanda and Aunt Karen joined me for a late breakfast, and then the girls got to wish Karen HAPPY BIRTHDAY when they finished their walk. I never tire of seeing my friends and my girls together!

5) On Friday, the girls and I went to Target. I had to return something, and while we were waiting in line at the customer service desk, we spotted a lady we know who was working behind the photo counter. She asked if the girls wanted stickers, and I told them it was OK to go see Miss Kylie. They were not more than 10 feet from me, but I was so very proud of them for walking over, chatting nicely, and saying THANK YOU of their own accord! (That was a big step for me, too, to turn them "loose" in a public environment!)

6) We’ve been enjoying a few new books, namely “Daisy the Doctor”, “Vicky the Vet”, and “Fred the Firefighter”. I love seeing the girls incorporate so many themes from those books into their play. Their stethoscope is getting a big workout, for sure.

7) And the quotes of the week…

The girls were pretending to be at a restaurant. I asked them how much their lunch cost. B said, “Five dollars and seventeen cents!” I thought it was funny how exact – and relatively plausible – her number was!

We had been talking about The Last Supper, and B explained to her Daddy, “On Sunday we have the last supper, and on Monday Daddy goes back to work.” HA!

I'm very thankful to have so much super-fabulousness to cite this week!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love their speech! Too precious - I can sooo hear you :)

The towel makes me think of tonight's bath time - I wanted them to feel warm, snug and go to bed quickly! So I warmed their towels in the tumble drier for a few minutes - OH< they loved it.

We bought them some dentist and doctor books and I should have done this ages ago - now THEY tell me, "mummy, sweets are not good for you, only apples" LOVE IT!

Mandy said...

HA! Last supper before work-sounds about right!

Have you carefully squirreled away the baby towels?!

Barbara Manatee said...

I always have my sunglasses on my head (in my hair) and Jacob's always got his up there, too! (he's the one who ALWAYS has his sunglasses on, too - blue eyes like mine).

Target AND downtown for breakfast! Sounds perfect to me! ha!