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April 13, 2012

Fab Friday!

We’ve had such a full, fabulous week! Starting last Friday…breakfast out with friends…a long-overdue Mexican lunch with Daddy…Easter morning…hunting Easter eggs…haircuts followed by bagels…hiking in a local park…a trip to the zoo with friends…wow!

And I’m very thankful for even more fabulousness interspersed among all our going and doing!

1) After a walk in the neighborhood, the girls and I were playing in the yard on Saturday. They were pushing their bubble mowers, and playing with the soccer ball. They love to run and kick and practice the “heel passes” Daddy taught them. For the first time, Baby A was content to pass the ball back and forth with me. It didn’t last long, but it was a pretty cool exchange!

2) On Tuesday afternoon, Miss Jenny came over to play with the girls for a couple of hours. This was her third time here, and the first two times she had some “naughty” behavior to report to me when I got home. (It was nothing major…playing with the blinds one week…and then asking to sit on the potty numerous times the next.) Still, I was SO excited to get a great report from her on Tuesday afternoon. [And it was so much fun to have a couple of hours on the town with my Hubby!]

3) Since the girls were tiny, I have always pointed out different noises to them, one being the beep-beep-beep a big truck makes when it backs up. We incorporate all sorts of noises into our play, so I guess it’s second-nature to the girls. I’ve noticed lately that Baby A has turned “beeping” into an action verb. She’ll see any car or van pulling out of a driveway, and say, “Ohp! That car is beeping out!” I’ve tried saying, “Yes, it’s backing out,” and she’ll confirm, “Yes, it’s beeping out!” [In truth, that’s one of those baby-isms that I don’t really want to go away!]

4) On Wednesday, we met a friend and her kiddos at a zoo about 100 miles from here. It wasn’t just any friend, though…Joline was the first person I “met” – on the phone, a friend-of-a-friend – who had twins about the same age as the girls. Her twin boys are about three months older, and – as I struggled to balance a couple of six-week old babies – I thought her 12 weeks of additional experience were so inspiring. Now, of course, it seems like our kiddos are exactly the same age…and how fantastic it was see them together!

5) While I was getting supper ready on Thursday night, Daddy and the girls were running around in the backyard, playing. It was such music to my ears to hear their giggles and squeals as I cooked.

6) After going and doing so much most of the week, the couple of at-home days we’ve had have been great. I know the girls have missed their dolls and books and puzzles and train, and they’ve been amazingly content to play.

We've certainly been making the most of Daddy's week much fun!


Julia said...

Yay! I love reading about all the fun you're having through out the week :)

Your girls' beep-beeps made me laugh. Our girls have recently started incorporating beep-beep into everything. They've been saying excuse me a lot, even to their toys as in, "Excuse me, I'm going to move you, you're in the way of my playing." It's pretty cute, and I'm glad they think to say it, even if it is their toys.

But, lately they've put together that sometimes horns beep to alert someone that you're there. SO---now it's "Beep-beep, excuse me." It's so funny, but I don't want them saying that to other people, so I know I need to nip it quickly. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for a great week with Daddy!!

I, too, love all the funny things my lil ones have to say and I hate to correct them at times b/c I don't want those lil bits of them to go away so quickly!