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April 23, 2012

I Can't Resist a Good Book - {GIVEAWAY!}

Knowing that I'm a bit particular about the books on our shelves, my friend Jenny told me about a series of books that she really likes for her kiddos.  She mentioned lots of educational titles and a huge variety of great materials across a lot of different genres.

Jenny loved the book series so much she is now a consultant for Usborne Children's Books.

I recently bought a handful of books, and they've quickly become favorites at our house.  At three, our girls were ready for some age-appropriate educational materials, and I'm so happy with the content and quality of the books.

I bought several books from the "Jobs People Do" collection.  One of the books is "Daisy the Doctor".

I love that the book is factual, at a preschool-age-appropriate level.  (And it has given our girls new scenarios to act out with their doctor kit.)

Another friend mentioned that her kiddos love "search and find" books.  I bought "1001 Things to Spot in the Sea", and it has been a huge hit!

The girls love taking turns finding the different items.  It reinforces counting, and the girls are learning about many different species of plants and animals, too.  There are so many "Things to Spot" books -- in countless settings -- that I know we'll be adding more of these to our collection.

I also bought an amazing book entitled "Look Inside Your Body".

I'm holding it back for when the girls are a little bit older, but I can't wait to explore it with them.  There are over 100 flaps that allow the reader to delve deeper and deeper (no pun intended!) into an area.  The information is again factual, but presented in such a cool way.
Usborne Children's Books offers a huge variety for all ages...not just educational books.  There are also great sensory books for wee ones...beautiful stories and classic tales...a full line of books from Birth to 18 Years.

A handful of books in, and I'm a huge proponent of this line!  I know I'll be buying again and again.

This week, I'm super excited to be hosting my very first party...I have never had any type of party like this before, but I want to share this "find" with my family and friends.

As part of my party, I'm also very excited to host a BLOG GIVEAWAY from Usborne Children's of their super-cool Sticker Activity Books.

To enter: 
  • Visit my Usborne Party Site and leave a comment telling me what book you'd most like to order.

For additional entries:
  • Follow Twin Trials and Triumphs, or let me know that you already do.
  • Follow Twin Trials and Triumphs on Facebook, or let me know that you already do.

Open to residents of US and Canada only.  A winner will be drawn at random on Sunday, April 29, and announced on Monday April 30.

Thanks for letting me on my soapbox and taking a peek at the newest additions to our bookshelves!  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the idea of these books. :) a favorite at our house is the magic schoolbus goes inside the human body....but i NEVER read the words. i make my own words. it's hilarious to me to hear my 2.5 year olds talk about phagocytosis! :) haha!

can't wait to look into some of these.

Barbara Manatee said...

I know you won't be surprised when I say I recognize a TON of these books already! We have about 8 of them checked out from the library right now (rhyming ones like Toad Makes a Road, fun ones like That's Not my Train, and Silly ones like Say Please, Louise!).
My kids love the 1001 things to spot and the sticker books!

Johanna Baker said...

Cam and Gray's favorite books when they were infants were those 'That's not my' (puppy, robot, princess, train, monkey, etc) books. I guess I didn't realize that they were Usborne books! I think that mine would love the job books or the one called 'Dogs, Dogs' They are obsessed with dogs right now.

Johanna Baker said...

Oh, and I am a LONG time (avid) follower of your blog... but you knew that, right? :) I'm also a follower and friend on Facebook. Do I need to add that as a separate post. I'm still not very pro at giveaways, although I did win one. :)

Kelly D. said...

I would love to read the Chilly Little Penguin to my daughter! Thank you for this giveaway!


Kelly D. said...

I follow you via Twitter @MJDsMommy.


Kelly D. said...

I follow you on FB as Kelly L


Julia said...

We love Usborne books around here too! We started out with the touchy feely books-----those are wonderful for 6-12 month range, and even now the girls love to get them out every now and then to read/touch. Now we love the book about things to spot in the sea---we also have one about the farm. I love that my girls learn about farms and the sea when they otherwise don't get a ton of exposure to it.

Lately the girls have really loved lift the flap books. They take turns lifting the flaps--"Brynne, Hadley, Brynne, Hadley...." It's so cute----I love that they take the initiative to take turns :) So---the book I'd probably order (and might from you anyway, if that's okay?) is the lift the flap picture atlas. It says it's for 6 and up, but I think they'd enjoy it. :)

Is this the LONGEST entry to a giveaway ever?!?! Ha!

Julia said...

I follow your blog :)

Julia said...

I follow you on facebook.

Julia said...

P.S. I have to tell you that I'm pretty excited that there's a pirate sticker activity book. :)

Johanna Baker said...

Ok, so separate post... I am a Facebook follower. :)

Annalisa said...

Definitely the DOT-TO-DOT books are my favorite. Quick tip -- we use vellum and trace over the pages to reuse the books again and again!

Amanda said...

Wow thanks for sharing these books, they all look so terrific! I know that both my girls would love the Look Inside Your Body Book. Maddie would love the going to the Doctor Book (She loves all books about doctors.) Izzie would love the How to Draw books. I'm definitely going to have to check more of these titles out!

Monica said...

I would get the baby animals book!

Monica said...

I follow your blog!